Як на сённяшні дзень на Facebook

Have you ever spotted a cutie who commented on your friend’s Facebook photo? Facebook can actually be a great way to meet and date people. Аднак, there are rules to follow in order to make sure that you don’t e-sabotage yourself.

Правіла #1: Don’t friend too soon
Sending a friend request before an actual conversation or introduction is creepy. If you do decide to Facebook stalk before making a move, make sure you are discreet as you don’t want to accidently like a photo. A good rule of thumb to follow is once you’ve secured a phone number, you can then friend on Facebook.

Правіла #2: Avoid poking and too much Facebook engagement
In most eyes, poking is a way of saying hi without actually mustering up the courage to do it. На самай справе, poking is viewed as taking the easy way out. The same goes for engaging too much on your interest’s profile. If you over like or over comment on photos and statuses, it will make you look desperate. While you may think that poking and Facebook engagement are ways of showing your flirtatious side, they actually aren’t. Больш, it will show that you are more interested in engaging online then in person. It is important to take your relationship off-line.

Правіла #3: Avoid inappropriate posts
It is safe to assume that your love interest is friends with everyone on Facebook. From family members to coworkers to company CEOs, posting or tagging inappropriate posts or pictures will not only be embarrassing but it’s a great way to make your crush run in the other direction.

Правіла #4: Make sure your page is top-notch
Давайце глядзець праўдзе ў вочы, whenever we accept a friend request we proceed to stalk that person. This is why your profile needs to be cleaned up. Whether you may think an inappropriate photo or post is funny, it may not be your crush’s humor. To avoid any judging, it is important to turn your profile into one that your grandma wouldn’t be embarrassed to view.

By following these rules, you will soon be on your way to successfully date on Facebook.

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