10 Prima Tips Outfit Data di Masculino

We’ve all met people when not looking our best. We’ve met new neighbors when mowing the lawn. We’ve met a new coworker on the day when we drip coffee on our shirt. Comu lu ripitemu, we only get one chance to make a first impression. We will, cumunqui, see our neighbors and coworkers probably more than we want. A date is different. Primu, there is no guarantee that you will get the opportunity for another date. Sicondu, she is going to care much more about your appearance than your neighbor or coworker. Ùn ti ne fà, sippuru. I’m here to help with 10 Prima Tips Outfit Data di Masculino.

1. Dress to the formality level of the event. S'è quasi tutti l 'autri omu in u risturante sarà a purtari' na giacca Sports, you shouldn’t show up without one. It’s much easier to dress down on the fly than dress up if you find yourself underdressed.

2. Dress à pienu, u football. Let’s say you have dinner plans and after dinner your date suggests walking down the street for dessert. You vogghiu pò cunzari.

3. Wear scarpi tops! No flip flops or tennis shoesunless you are at the beach or playing tennis. Women love shoes and they will notice yours.

4. Ferru a to maglia. We may not notice (o cura) s'è i nostri camicie sò ironed, ma ella ùn anderà guarda (e primure).

5. Wear calcosa chì ut bè. The fit of your clothes is more important than the brand, style or anything else. For those of you tempted to wear a super tight shirt…ùn…ghjustu ùn fà…

6. Wear calcosa chì vi sò aduprati à e asgiata. Especially if you tend to get nervous on a first date, dugnu se na cosa di menu di giuriziu.

7. Wear a belt and make sure it matches your shoes. Si face u vostru vestito taliari cchiù cumpletu.

8. Get pack. Ask your roommate, amicu, coworker or someone you trust about your outfit. You don’t have to let them dress you, ma simpliciamenti dumandemu s'è vo taliari OK pò aiutà ti fori.

9. Ùn purtavanu di qualcosa troppu estremu o flashy. You don’t have to dress like your grandfather, but you don’t want your clothes to be a distraction. But at the same time

10. Esse tè stessu! Women love confidence. Wear something that expresses your personality.

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