Quare homines amor improbus apibus regina

Hoc est adipiscing site, Morbi eget locum et amatores, minus. So can we talk for just a minute about female dogs? And I mean “canes,” in sensu maxime euphemistic, eo quod non refert ad canini, but their human species counterpart that gives female dogs their bad name. But because this is a SFW site and in an effort to give back to female dogs the respect and love they deserve—let’s talk instead about Heartless Queen Bees (aut HQBs) et viri, qui diligunt, quid est discere a nobis ad melius elit.

Iterum atque iterum, Fui oculatum testem phaenomenon “nice guy amat HQB”. It’s really a marvel to behold—a caring, benevolentibus, qui pronus est ad comitatem semper videtur locus vergens ad HQB retrorsum; and he seems to also love every minute of responding to her demands and bearing the brunt of her indiscriminate disdain. But these relationships are also some of the best I’ve seen in terms of longevity; et sic quoque, Ducui, ex aliquibus rebus gradu.

Sic quid possumus, quod honestum est, discunt ex cogitatione HQBs ad attrahunt et hoc hominum genus, qui custodiunt videntur habere haud forsit attrahentis et custodientes?

1) HQBs fortem sensum identitatis

Mulier fortis Identity

HQBs know who they are and what they want. They know what they bring to the table and they are interesting because their interests are their own and they may be unique from their partner’s interests. It is boring to date yourself, et HQBs fuisse figuratum est, unde,.

2) HQBs habere imperio mundi

Mulier Mandati,

An HQB videtur habere imperium mundi in circuitu eius (sive vere sive non faciat). This quality provides a subconscious boost to her partner’s ego—if he has some control over making her happy, et habet potestatem “The World”, ipse habet potestatem “The World” by proxy. It’s that whole “A B, B C, ergo C = A” thing. How does this translate into a useful tip? Decent, thoughtful people like you and me tend to not be very assertive with our actions and communication. Being assertive is much different than being aggressive, quod est basic M.O. et facit ea, quæ tuis male mediocris HQB, imperium tenuis “The World”. But being more assertive will yield a greater command of your world, without the otherwise negative results of aggression. One example of this is simply to state what you want and why it makes sense from your perspective, sans in dehonestans,, ita irae indulgens in qua saepe similia petitiones a HQBs.

3) The semper popularis probatisque, “Sicut provocare Men”!

A provocare enim viri

Morbi adipiscing quot consecretur aliqua versio librorum legistis quod idea similis controversiam praesentari, sic sentiunt susicivus proprius cum vincere possunt dici challenge? Autem, se, will speak of finding the more elusive woman more attractive than the one who is an always-available open book. Sometimes elusiveness manifests as—how should I say—being a little stingy with expressing any kind of positive emotion or feedback (quod est in ubi venit HQBs). Some men can’t resist the challenge of trying to illicit any kind of pleasant response from an HQB and so she becomes an object of great interest.

Quam operor vos (iterum, quod honestum est, memor sis mulier) magis convertendi impugnationem? This can easily become the disingenuous game-playing that books like “Regulis” (Et Fein Schneider) omnes, which may not work for everyone and may leave you ill-feeling and confused about what to say and when. Instead, build up your life to be genuinely full and exciting—making you a true challenge to nail down a date with. Not only will it check off that whole “provocatio” quod ita attribuant, est proprium, ingratum HQBs (quod homines hodie tam attractive), sed, quod multo carius sentiet tempus cum iam aperte rem utilem operam apud sese perdere perde.

4) No ludos

Mulier coniectura Games

Venit tempus, si hoc est, cum prohibere ludos respondet coniectura ex his paulum maturior, or the relationship itself having grown beyond its initial flirtation. Perhaps this tip can be at least partially credited with the whole “longevity” anomaly presented by HQB/Nice Guy relationships. HQBs say what they want, and when they want it. There are few games and intangibles in dealing with an HQB, and many men find this refreshing. This ties in elements from a couple of previous tips—in being straightforward with your communication (I.E. quod assertive), a socio si qua tibi vis atque praeclarus ille iam non parandum, youve praesentaverit impugnatio quod amo frui, quia nil contra tam aperta et conculcarent eum conatus frustra timet.

So, Corda animo genus-, et fortasse possumus dicere in corde suo: et illa tips grandiusculus Nice Guido partem forum et nobis!

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