5 Creative Ways to Say I Love You

I love you”, there are few other sentences that is as pure and as meaningful as this one. These three words are often enough to lighten up the mood of your beloved; Txawm li cas los, if you adopt some creative ways to sayI love you”, the grin on her face will surely be even wider.

Have a look at these five creative ways of uttering the three divine words; you will surely love trying a few out, if not all.

1. Say with a gift: You must be wondering that how this way is creative as it is probably the oldest and the most widely used way to say I love you. This idea is different because you are not advised to pick up just any gift, gift your beloved something that has memories attached to it.

It can be a collage of photos showcasing the great moments the two of you spent together, or can be the first pair of coffee mug you bought when you started living together (make sure you personalize it a bit by writing a few lovely things on them; if you are not too good at writing a mereI love youwill do.

The gift will surely make your partner emotional and that’s the right moment to say I love you.

2. You can cook for her: The combination of heart-shaped cookies and a cup of caffè mocha with the wordsI love youwritten on it using chocolate would work great.

Hold her hand, say I love you, and offer her a sip of the caffè mocha. She will definitely remember the moment for years to come.

3. Use sticky notes: Do you want your beloved’s morning to start hearing the three heartwarming words? Just make a heart-shaped collage on the bathroom mirror using red or pink sticky notes and write I love you on it.

By doing so you’ll be able to ensure that before seeing her own face, your wife or partner sees the lovely words; then follow it by a warm hug from behind and murmur the wordsI Love youin her ear.

4. Help her get ready for work: This would be a great way of saying I love you particularly if your wife or partner has a hectic day ahead.

Iron her clothes, prepare a simple breakfast for her, help her to get her office bag ready and say I love you just before she leaves for work.

If you have time, you can also drop her at the office before heading towards your workplace.

5. Record: This is a great way of conveying the message of love regardless of whether you are saying it for the first time or for the nth time. It can be a video recording or an audio recording your beloved will love it.

Your eyes must always be sayingI love youto the person you love, but uttering it from time to time is also extremely important; by trying out the above ways of saying the three heavenly words, you will only make the bond between you two even stronger.

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