15 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Dating Advice in 2015

In our current digitally driven society, we rely on finding most of our information from the internet. Many people use social media in particular to keep in touch with friends and family and to stay updated on current world events, but what about getting relationship advice?

Twitter provides users the opportunity to share information in 140 characters or less with their followers. Many people have jumped on the opportunity to use Twitter as an outlet to not only link to their work but to provide advice to those who are interested.

There is a plethora of dating and relationship writers, bloggers and experts utilizing Twitter as a means of dishing out dating advice. I compiled a list of some great Twitter accounts that revolve around dating and relationship advice. Whether you are looking for tips on how to improve your online dating profile or are seeking advice on how to deal with a bad breakup, these Twitter accounts have got you covered!

So without further ado, here is a list of (in my humble opinion) the 15 best Twitter accounts to follow if you are looking for dating advice:

Shannon Kolakowski (@DrShannonK)
Shannon is a psychologist and dating and relationship writer who recently published a book revolving around the anxieties of dating and offers up approaches and techniques on how to tackle that anxiety and enter the dating world. Take a look at her Twitter feed for dating advice articles and strategies.

Julie Spira (@JulieSpira)
Julie is an expert on navigating the world of online dating and frequently posts links to articles and videos regarding her relationship guidance. Follow her Twitter feed if you are interested in learning more about how to tackle the world of online dating.

Simone Katerine (@by_simone)
Simone is a sex & relationship blogger who tackles any and all topics given to her. If you are looking for a writer who boldly discusses topics ranging from online dating to how to buy sexy lingerie, make sure to check out her Twitter feed for links to relevant articles.

Aaron Horton and Josh Nalven; Guy Friends Podcast (@TheGuyFriends)
Aaron and Josh are two friends who host a podcast focused on dating, relationship and sex advice. When it comes to topics they are willing to discuss, nothing is off limits. If you are itching to hear dating advice from two funny and totally honest guys, then look them up on Twitter.

Jen Kirsch (@jen_kirsch)
Jen is a writer and relationship expert who offers up advice for those hungry to learn more about the ever-confusing dating world. She discusses subjects like maintaining long-distance relationships, how to plan an amazing first date and how to deal with breakups, among many other topics. Scroll through her Twitter feed to find links to her dating and relationship articles as well as some quick tips.

April Braswell (@AprilBraswell)
April is a dating coach who specializes in dishing out dating advice for women over 40. Her dating and relationship articles are detailed and informative, much like her Twitter feed, so check her out if you are looking for dating advice for mature women.

Christan Marashio (@ATWYSingle)
Christan is a dating expert who writes the column And That’s Why You’re Single. She discusses topics ranging from how to make a first date amazing to the benefits of being single. She also encourages her Twitter followers to engage with her by submitting their own dating questions. If you have a burning dating question you want answered, check out her Twitter feed.

Thought Catalog (@ThoughtCatalog)
Thought Catalog offers up a collection of dating, relationship and sex advice articles written by several different contributors from their website. Their articles are always funny and slightly racy, so this website (and Twitter feed) is perfect for those who appreciate a brutally honest approach.

Joshua Pompey (@JoshuaPompey)
Joshua is an online dating expert who has composed numerous articles over the years about his area of expertise. Since he is a pro in the area of online dating, he discusses topics like how to craft a top-quality email to perfecting your online dating profile. Josh frequently updates his Twitter account with relevant articles, so make sure to check out his feed if you are looking for some tips about online dating.

YourTango (@YourTango)
YourTango is another website that has an abundance of dating and relationship advice articles crafted by their large team of writers. Their articles cover everything under the sun about the dating realm, so check out their Twitter feed to find articles that discuss anything and everything about dating.

Fauna Solomon (@thedatingtruth)
Fauna is a dating expert who provides tailored relationship advice to both genders and provides her insights about various dating issues most people have faced, like how to tell if the person you are dating is right for you to how to stop attracting the wrong people. Follow her on Twitter for links to her articles and the occasional relationship quip.

Dan Savage (@fakedansavage)
Dan is an author and activist popularly known for his sex advice column Savage Love as well as his podcast Savage Lovecast, where he discusses traditional and non-traditional relationship problems. Check out his Twitter feed if you are looking for some hilarious, risque yet candid dating advice.

Erin Tillman (@DatingAdviceGrl)
Erin is a dating guru who not only offers up written advice but also hosts her own radio show that features her insights on the dating world. Her topics range from first kiss tips to dating on a budget. Follow her on Twitter for links to videos, articles and dating tips.

Antonio Borrello (@eDatingDr)
Antonio is a Psychologist and Relationship Therapist who offers advice and solutions for any and all kinds of relationship dilemmas. Take a look at his Twitter account, as he often posts quick relationship tips and quotes and links to his articles.

Wilma Stordahl (@MyDatingRx)
Wilma is a dating blogger offering up her advice about dating after divorce, based heavily on her own personal experiences. Look for her Twitter account if you are interested in reading about her insights about entering the dating pool after divorce.

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