3 Tips for An Amazing Relationship

Relationships are the most incredible thing we can have. But like all the important things in life they require a lot of work. We must make sure work to maintain our wonderful union. But the good thing is that with a few simple changes we can ensure a better and most importantly a happier union between us and the one we love. Here is just a three tips to help maintain a great relationship:


Communication is key to any relationship. Talk and be open with your partner. If you can’t be open with your partner after all who can you be open with? Let them know how you feel, however unpopular how you feel might be, and allow them to go from there. The worse thing you can do is keep things back and then years down the line completely explode over something you should have said years ago. If someone truly loves you they’ll work through everything with you, even if it takes them time to. Be honest and eventually you will grow closer instead of further apart.

Keep The Sexual Side of Things Going Strong

After a while the sexual side of a relationship can start to dwindle from the earlier days when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Show your lover that you are still very much a sexual being by buying sexy underwear or even just by doing your make-up a certain way. Red lip. Smoky eye. Make them still want you because they still do underneath it all.

Be Kind

I have read so many dating articles where people say you need to treat them mean to keep them keen. It seems so wrong to me. After all, what is the thing people most say they are looking for? Alongside a sense of humour, someone who is kind seems to be the most popular answer. And sometimes I think that is what is wrong with the dating pool. There is too many people putting on this mask to stop themselves looking like a doormat. Been kind seems to have got a bad rep as been weak where in fact it is your strongest tool when it comes to relationships. The warmth which comes from someone who is gentle, kind and who you know is for your best interests can’t be outdone. So be kind to your partner and they will response with kindness. If they don’t then they aren’t worth your time. Don’t compromise been a decent human being for anyone and love will arrive at your door and it will be better than you ever imagined it ever could be.

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