5 Things Girls Do After a Breakup

Let’s face it, break-ups are hard. No matter who initiated it, the first few weeks seem to be the toughest. While, eventually, we all move on to find other loves, there are a few things that all girls do after breaking up. A few are outlined below:

1. Cries – a lot

Whether it’s reminiscing over a memory, gift, song, or a random outburst of emotions, crying will inevitably happen. Being hurt and showing emotions is the first step in the post-breakup healing process.

Break Up Crying

2. Facebook stalks her ex

With the prevalence of social media, this is probably the most obvious and destructive things girls do after a break-up. Even after un-friending, girls can’t help but type in the name of their ex into the search bar and continuously stalk him and everything photo, page, and status he has liked or commented on.

3. Stops shaving

While this happens to support feminism in the angst of being furious at men. It also is due to the fact that all of the heartbreak girls face leaves little to no energy. Plus, being newly single there is no one to impress and girls couldn’t care less if their legs are shaven or not.

Woman Shaving

4. Goes through a “floozy” stage

This stage depends on the girl to girl and also depends on how long the relationship lasted. But it is safe to say that no matter what, every girl goes through this stage in some way or another. Whether it is having one too many drinks, sexting, or getting friendly with multiple guys.

5. Reinvents herself through self-discovery and trying new things

From self-help books to inspiring movies and books to yoga, every girl tries to reinvent herself. This solace is very important in the break-up cycle as it not only helps to process the grief but it is a clarifying moment where girls “find” themselves.

Woman Reinvents Herself

While love hurts, it is important to remember that love also makes you strong.

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