6 Tips To Surviving The Summer Months Solo!

“One is the loneliest number.”—Three Dog Night

Ahh…summer romance.

It’s the season for lovers. It’s the stuff steamy romance novels and box-office hit movies are made of. When the magical mixture of hot temperatures, long starry nights, and mellow moods can add up to some pretty “sizzling” chemistry on the dating and mating scene.

But, the script is not the same for everyone.

Unfortunately it can also prove to be a tough time for those experiencing a dating “drought” or those who seem to be unlucky in love.

A few months of summer can seem like the equivalent of dog years.

But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to.

One doesn’t have to be “the loneliest number” if you read and heed these timely tips.

6 tips to a hot summer regardless of your status!

1. Instead of counting the days, count your blessings.

That’s right. Though it can be awesome to be coupled up with a cutie, going solo has many advantages to embrace as well.

Let’s examine some. How about the fact that you have total freedom to shop ‘til you drop? To cook when the mood hits you? To pursue your dreams without interference?

To be selectively “selfish”.

2. Date Yourself.  (Pillow talk optional).

Are you dying to try that new restaurant in your area that everybody’s been “buzzing” about? Would you like to indulge in decadent chocolate and vintage wine? To be spoiled and pampered?  Why wait for someone else to celebrate you?

Treat yourself; don’t cheat yourself!

In the words of Dr. Phil, “Sometimes we have to give ourselves what we deserve from others.”

3. Use this “down time” for self-improvement. 

The best way to attract a great mate is to be one. Really. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, or waiting by the phone, try getting out and getting into the game of life. Learn a new language. Join the gym.  Sign up for a dance class. Not only will these measures increase your value on the dating market, it will increase your self-esteem. Carpe diem!

4. Experiment.

Rock a new hair cut. Cook up some new recipes in the kitchen. Redecorate your pad. Try karaoke at a local bar.

Single-dom is a great time for self-discovery and growth.

5. Catch up on some reading.

I love to read. And most of us have difficulty curling up to a good book, simply because of our many obligations—relational and occupational. Since you’re not likely to be “curling up” with a partner now, it’s easier to make the time. Not only does reading expand your knowledge base; it can enhance your conversational skills. Two titles I would recommend are:

“He’s Just not that into You”  and “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

6. Don’t compare or compete.  

Your best friend has a boyfriend. Your sister is getting married.

Your social calendar is full of invitations from folks who seem to be enjoying a better life.

Boo hoo for you, right? Wrong. In the words of Bruno Mars, “You’re amazing, just the way you are.” Keep it in mind.

Summer doesn’t have to be a bummer! Choose to have a positive attitude, the proper perspective, and inner- peace, and the rest will fall in place.

Before you know it, you’ll learn to put the “sing” in single.

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