7 Dates Everyone From New York City Goes On

If you are in New York City with your partner, make sure you spare a few minutes to read through this page. Do check out the discussion even if you are single and looking for a partner in the city; trying out one of these for your newfound love will surely help you to create a good impression. So, here are seven dates everyone from New York City goes (read should go) on.

1. Watching sunset from the Frying Pan

For young couples, this place on the Hudson is surely one of the hottest dating destinations the city currently houses. The Pan, which is basically a sunken lightship of 1929, got resurrected and today it’s one of the most electrifying dive bars you will ever find.

The view of sunset over the Hudson River is surely scintillating and adds a touch of romance to the ambiance of the bar.

2. Spend a romantic afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

As soon as you’ll enter this urban oasis in Prospect Heights, you will feel as if you have come miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has enough natural treasure to keep you and your partner engaged for several hours; for instance, the Native Flora Garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, the Shakespeare Garden and more. However, what you will like most about the place is the solace you struggle to get in most other parts of the city.

3. A trip to the Flushing food malls

The food malls in Flushing, New York City are famous for serving delicious Cantonese and Mandarin dishes.

This would be a perfect date for all those bonafide foodies. Individuals with the habit of posting images of every meal they have on social networks will also find this dating idea quite enthralling.

4. Travel back in times:

Looking to spend some great time with your partner during the fall? Plan a date in a historic house at the old village of Richmond Town.

5. A visit to the Central Park

Central Park is a great place to go with your partner during the summer months. It’s true that summers in New York City are usually taxingly humid; however, the weather becomes pleasant once the sun goes down. As a result, during the summer months, you can easily plan evening dates in the open.

Central Park, with all the entertainment options it has, is surely a great place to go on a date.

6. Have a laugh at The Slipper Room

Planning to go out with your partner on a Tuesday night? You can consider stopping by The Slipper Room. Every Tuesday, the burlesque venue stages Seth Herzog’s comedy show. With him, Herzog usually has his amazing and hilarious Mom.

7. Enjoy a movie date at Bryant Park

This would be a perfect date for movie buffs and all those fans of classics; but, remember a movie date at Bryant Park should always be planned on Mondays.

Every Monday, at sunset, an outdoor movie is shown at this privately managed public park. Some snacks, a bottle of wine and a blanket to keep the two of you cozy would be enough to have a romantic movie date.

You may take your partner to the most romantic site in New York City, but to make the date a successful one, you’ll need the main ingredient and that’s love.

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