7 Truths About Pet Lovers

Owning a pet is truly life changing. And for all of those pet lovers out there, we know that you can truly resonate with the below seven truths.

Truth #1: “Pet High”
Pet owners are generally more confident resulting in higher self-esteem. Pets love unconditionally, greet joyfully, and fulfill the need of acceptance, creating a “pet high”, which as a pet owner, you know that feeling can’t be beat.

Truth #2: More Positive Outlook on Life
When thinking about your pets, you can’t help but smile and think of all the ways in which they have brought joy into your life. Even when times are tough, the hour-long cuddle and play sessions brighten your day. In fact when thinking about your pet, thoughts of negatively slip away and positivity radiates throughout your body.

Truth #3: Lonely No More
Pets also provide us with feelings of belonging and give us a meaningful existence. The responsibility and sacrifice required of pet ownership is worth it all when we see and feel the unconditional, nonjudgmental comfort they provide.

Truth #4: Open Towards Life and Relationships
The “pet high” that our pets show us makes being vulnerable not quite as scary. For we know that no matter what happens, there is a living thing reliant upon us. Through pets’ caring nature and affection, the true dependence pets show us provides hope that opening up is truly worth the risk every time.

Truth #5: Belief in Soul Mates
Through random kisses to lap-sitting to that look of awe in their eyes, the unconditional love pets provide gives a new meaning to the word soul mate. For pet lovers and enthusiasts, our pets are one of our soul mates. By them “just knowing” when we need some extra attention confirms that your souls speak to each other. It is this notion that our pets make us more open and respective to this idea of soul mates.

Truth #6: In Touch with Emotions
By emotions, that doesn’t imply hysterical crying or constant mood swings. Pets give our lives a deeper meaning by allowing us to get in touch with softer, more intimate emotions. We, as pet owners, are typically more enthusiastic and able to openly express our thoughts and feelings not only to our pets but to others as well.

Truth #7: Pets Come First
Our pets are our children. From constantly talking about them to saving thousands of pet pictures to treating them as babies, the relationship between us and our pets is very similar to that of a parent to child.

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