Can Pet Allergies and Dating Coexist?

So, you have found someone that you want to get to know better. When you talk to them, whether in-person or online, there is a smile on your face. You feel that things couldn’t get any better than they are, and then you learn that they have a pet that you are allergic to. What’s a person to do? Will you need to give up on the relationship due to your allergy? Are there alternatives to not seeing the person again? For most people, there are.

First and foremost, let the person know that you have an allergy. This is essential to have an open and honest relationship (to begin with), and also they may be able to lessen the reaction that you have. How can they do this? They can make sure they are wearing fresh clothes before your date (having no interaction with the pet after they got dressed). Additionally, they can have a lint brush or something similar to use after they arrive for your date (if their pet rides in the car and there is a transfer from the car to their clothes).

The next area of focus is to know the severity of your allergy. Can you take an OTC allergy medicine and be able to handle the evening? Or will you have a severe reaction that will require an EpiPen? For those that require an EpiPen, you will need to assess the relationship on a greater level, because literally, your health is at risk. For others, you can just make sure you take your allergy medicine before getting together with them, and then monitor your reaction as the night goes on.

If you spend time over their place, they can set up a room where the pet is not allowed. As an added layer of protection, they can have a filtering machine running to keep the allergens out of the air. There are many products that are on the market for the allergy sufferer.  These products will reduce the amount of dander in the air, or work as a barrier to keep the allergens from entering the designated space.

For most allergy sufferers, they will already have these extras with them, but it will not hurt to repeat them. Make sure you always have tissues at hand. If you have allergies that cause itchy, watery eyes and more, you might feel less attractive to your date if your nose is constantly running or it looks as though you have been crying. You can have some allergy eye drops with you as well. This will not only help flush the allergens from your eyes but will also help with the redness and irritation that will be present.

Do your allergies cause you to cough? Cough drops and throat lozenges are essential to having a reduced stress date. How many times have you gotten a tickle in your throat and the more you cough the drier your throat gets? Some lozenges or even hard candies can add just enough moisture to take the tickle away and coat your throat so that you can concentrate on your date.

With open, honest communication and a little preparation, you can still have an enjoyable relationship even though you have an allergy to their pet.

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