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Last updated: Apr. 02 2020 | 2 min read

On JDate, I was nyfunnyguy32 until I switched to mysterE32 for no apparent reason. Say what you will about my chosen monikers, but they do not sound like everybody else. MysterE is a play on words using, obviously, the word “mystery” and my first initial. I actually get compliments on it from time to time. Nyfunnyguy wouldn’t be a good name if I were living in New York, but, to a woman in Los Angeles, an East Coast guy who writes comedy is a good basis to start a conversation. Even when I was once identified by my username at a Santa Monica bar, “Hey, Nyfunnyguy!”, it reaffirmed one crucial, if embarrassing thing ñ my advertising had been effective. I doubt she would have said “Hey, Mike1234” if that were my name.

Things like usernames and headlines are a thorn in the side of a lot of online daters. I mean, no one really cares about this stuff, do they? For the most part, the answer is no. Unless it’s egregiously bad or ñ more rarely ñ exceptionally good. A good username can actually start a conversation – I started talking with a BePatientImBlond for that very reason. I’ve assisted other clients (who shall remain user-nameless), and have not only gotten them great feedback on their profiles, but kudos on their usernames as well.

Browse through a few dozen members and count how many usernames stand out. Not many, I assure you. All because there’s no thought or creativity employed in choosing one. But why not go the extra mile? Choose a subject that’s dear to you. It doesn’t have to say everything about you, or really anything about you. Just something fun. Spin the idea around in your head, hold it up to the light from different angles. Sooner or later, something is going to pop. That something is going to be your username. The best ones are usually double entendres or plays on words; taking the familiar and making it different. Like mysterE, for example. Whatever you suggest, there is a punny, if not funny, answer.

Bowling? LuckyStrike.
Dancing? Two2Tango.
City planning? UrbanMiff.

Oh, come on! Of course you’re going to write to UrbanMiff! Hell, I think I’m gonna use that name myself.

Usernames are surprisingly important, not because they’re dealbreakers, but because they’re literally your IDENTITY on a website. And why would anyone want to be TopekaTim when he can be JayhawksRock?

Like the very boldface type that makes you pick up a tabloid when you’re standing on the grocery checkout line, usernames can have an impact on your decision to look within. All things remaining equal, if the photo is average, are you telling me that you’re NOT going to look at someone who made you laugh using just one line? To the shallow end of the pool you go! The rest of us are gonna brainstorm some usernames over here.

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