How to Get in the Mood for Love?

There was a time when you and your husband or boy friend just couldn’t keep hands off each other, but now things have changed and you hardly feel like making love. Does this resemble the situation you are in currently? To ensure that you have as much fun as you used to have with your partner earlier, learn how to get in the mood for love.

Make the ambiance perfect

Most couples during the early days of their relationship just need a private corner to hit the perfect love making mood. However, as the relationship grows older, it starts losing the charm it once used to possess. Having the right ambiance can help those people to get into mood for love more easily.

You can try by dimming the lights of your bedroom and putting some romantic music on. Make sure your bed is not cluttered; most people just cannot feel romantic in messy surroundings. Don’t allow your bedroom to be too hot or cold as both can be instant turnoffs. If you have an air conditioning or heating system installed, adjust it. Opening or closing windows can also help you in normalizing the temperature of your bedroom and make the place more suitable for getting cozy.

Kill the stress

Stress is one of the most common causes of reduced sex drive. Recently obtained statistics reveal that around 15% men have low libido primarily because of the stress they have in life. Testosterone is the hormone that controls sex drive in men. As a man grows older (30 or more), his testosterone level starts coming down; stress triggers production of cortisol and decreases his testosterone level even further. So, a man bothered by stress usually has lower libido than other men of his age.

If you want to bring back the spark and want to get in the mood for love as spontaneously as you used to do a few years back, you will have to find ways to kill the stress your partner is facing and at the same time get yourself de-stressed. Ideally, you should help each other in reinstating the feeling of togetherness by beating the stress. Give him a massage and then ask him to return the favor, take a hot shower together, prepare dinner together, go for a walk in the garden after dinner; all these will help you and your partner to unwind and get in the perfect love making mood.

Make sure you feel sexy

To feel like making love, you must first feel sexy. If you are not confident about the way you look due to the weight you gained in the past few years, try to hit the gym and lose some of it. This will make you more confident and you will again start feeling sexy. You can also try out new lingerie, but make sure you are comfortable in it; this is because comfort is also extremely important for feeling sexy.

To get in the mood for love, you must do things that will eliminate the boredom from your relationship. Once your relationship becomes exciting, you will not find it difficult to get into the right frame of mind to make love.

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