How To Kiss Via Zodiac Sign

The first kiss you have with someone is one of the ultimate moments in a budding relationship, and something the two of you will always remember. If you have a bad first kiss, there usually isn’t any recovering from that. Read on to see how you should kiss your date for the first time:


When you first kiss an Aries, you usually don’t have to worry about going too fast or waiting for the right moment. If you want to kiss them, do it without hesitation. They appreciate you seizing the moment and being direct. Make it hot and passionate. Though you should know, they’ll probably kiss you first.


When you first kiss a Taurus, you want to wait. Don’t do it quickly, and don’t make the kiss hot and fast. This sign prefers a slow burn, so make it last. They won’t take the reins, so you’ll need to. Stroke or kiss their neck before you kiss their lips to really get them going.


When you first kiss a Gemini, tell them you want to kiss them first. This sign responds to words better than any other. Whisper seductively in their ear, then nibble on it. Graze their arms or hold their hand (both ruled by Gemini). Some Geminis will pounce first, but they’re usually all flirt and no pounce, so you’ll have to.


When you first kiss a Cancer, you should know they’re traditional and like comfortable surroundings, so do it at the end of the date on the doorstep. When you kiss them, hold them in your arms so they feel safe and secure. Don’t let it go on too long, and don’t be messy.


When you first kiss a Leo, make it as dramatic as you can. This sign wants life to be like a movie, and will be disappointed with anything conventional and boring. Kiss them under the moonlight, in the pouring rain, or in the middle of the street. Make it passionate and draw it out.


When you first kiss a Virgo, check your breath beforehand. If you went to dinner, hit the bathroom before leaving to make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth and you can pop a mint or use mouthwash. Nothing will turn them off more than kissing a dirty mouth. Practice good technique because they really know their stuff.

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