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In mundo in quo habitamus sapien excelsus in orbem omnes regiones. And yet even with this quite universal problem in the lives of people there sadly still exists an ignorance and prejudice towards people who are out of work especially those who have been out of work for a while. Quae res magnum praejudicium et ignorantia potest esse quantum ad rerum seriem.

Impressing is a keyword in the world of dating after all and that is what we are all trying to do in one way or another on a date whether it is by using our natural wit, dressing a particular way, or talking about our employment history but the trouble with this in our current economic climate is that we will get people who think we are “Spongers” or “Lazy” because we may not have had the luck they have had in finding a job. Disputant ut massa quidem ita ut opus non habes unde punctum descendat an fortunam putat dico vobis non ius aut candidatus. Non magis, quam qui. Just unum hominem iudicium.

Quadriennio essem otiosus in Hibernia, quae nunc aspera oeconomica climate et timui indicavi cuiquam quid vellet, ne a me quia ipsi me existimet cessatura. But despite our fears, there are people out there who do understand what the world is like. Qui memini, ego animus per odium dicendo fueram vere frigus et ex eo quadriennio cessatura. In eo,, he never even batted an eyelid about it and that was one of the many reasons why I fell in love with him. Non erat species, et intellectus, qui non est iudicium.

Scilicet, not all guys are like this and I wish for all men and women out there that they were. Ego met a guy ego probaverunt et audiebam loquentes de eo an unflattering cessatura populus in via. Vos scitis quod factum solet FASTIDIOSUS comments similia, "PARASITUS". Verum est igitur nobis semper erit similis illi non cogitant iudicium bellus semper verum est. Et sic oportet quod cum difficile et invalidi jeans fluunt!

Si quis in particulari impeditur amare opinionem cessatura populus cessatura esse vel fuisse, teque ipsum potest esse in se ipsa condicione invenire. Vos have ut memor ut noveritis te. Quod autem est pars tua aut vacabat. Non te definire. Non enim est hoc dum scire quod conantur optima.

When I got my course it helped me to feel a lot more comfortable in situations where I would have to state what I do but when you have been a long time unemployed that feeling of will ask what I was doing before that does still haunt you and the truth is that it shouldn’t.

Opus tuum eat in diem erecti. Ut haberet officium. Non licet. Potuit et fecit omnia vitae, non habeatis. Significat nihil. Iustus es, et vir et mulier a viro usque ad aliude perdundumst tibi et quid vis agere (Dummodo sit polita utique!) quia tam magna quam sentire et facere quod ego loquor ad te, et missus es domine!

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