Online Dating Conversation Topics for 100% Success

The past decade has seen many men and women irrespective of their age turning to online dating. According to a research conducted in July, 2014, the country now has 41,250,000 people who have tried online dating at some point in their lives.

Considering the current population of the US is 361.1 million, it can be said that the concept of online dating managed to woo more than 11% people in the country. So, what do these 11% people talk about when they meet their potential mate online?

The conversation actually begins much before people meet each other on an online dating site. To increase your chances of getting the right partner, you must have a perfect profile, a profile that speaks for yourself. It should carry a killer title, your best photos and some information you want people to know before actually showing interest in having a conversation with you. If you have a perfect profile, your chances to meet a perfect person online will be much higher.

Now that you have got admirers to talk to the question is what the best topics to converse on are. Here are a few suggestions on online dating conversation topics.


There are few who don’t like compliment. So, you can start the conversation by complimenting the other person. The ideal way is to begin by praising the choices made by him/her. For instance, you can praise the person’s choice of food, taste of music, etc. This will make your potential partner understand that you have actually put in a lot of effort to read through his/her profile.

Shared interests

Reading the online dating profile of an individual will also allow you to know about subjects he/she is interested in. From them, pick the subjects that also interest you and as the conversation moves forward, start talking on them. This will make the chat more fascinating for both parties. If you don’t share any interest with a particular person, he/she is probably not the right person to date.

Life as a whole

As you start feeling comfortable chatting with the person, you can start discussing about life. There can be conversations on things you have done in life, your aims in life, kind of childhood you had, and so on. Slowly as the other person starts responding by sharing stories of his/her life, you will find the chat becoming more and more interesting. Ideally, you should not start talking about past relationships during the first chat you have; such topics should be discussed once the two of you start understanding each other well.


The majority of the online daters love meeting people who can make them laugh; this stands true irrespective of the gender they belong to. So, sharing a few witty one-liners and jokes is a great way of making the conversation more absorbing. Never try to be cheesy with your humor, and also avoid making fun of the person you are conversing with.

Online dating conversation topics tend to vary depending on the taste, educational background and age of people. So, when choosing a topic of conversation during an online date you must keep these factors in mind.

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