12 Tips For Successful Singles

How does it feel to be a successful single person? We possess the common traits of fun, fearlessness and heightened self-confidence. We’re more likely to engage in future think: who am I going to have dinner with next week? Who can I call for drinks tonight? Who’s free to join me for a last minute trip to the islands? We tend to connect with the world-at-large: being best friends with people, parties and places rather than relying on a partner or family for support. Forget the boring, home alone single stereotype; we’re fully engaged in developing our own social community. You’ll find us at the gym, the flicks, the restaurants, and clicking online, trading spontaneity and freedom for the contentment of coupling. And here are a dozen must-haves that all singles should possess to ensure their continued success.

1. The Outfit. You know, the clothing combination that brings out the color in your eyes, enhances your curves, and shows off your assets the one that makes you feel too good too resist!

2. A Shoulder to Cry On. Everyone gets lonely. Remember the old joke that goes, “A woman needs three men to fulfill her: One to take care of her. One to be good to her. And the other one to talk about the other two.”

3. Karaoke song. If you can’t sing, be sure to choose a tune that doesn’t require perfect pitch.

4. A clean joke.

5. A dirty joke.

6. Savings ñ you gotta have backup.

7. Scented candles ñ a great way to refresh and relax you and your home, and hey, everyone looks better by candlelight.

8. Feel good video/DVD ñ something to pop in on a rainy day, the day the cat dies, the day you lose your job or have a fight with your best friend.

9. Talent. You should be adding something to the party & why else would friends and strangers have you over? Bring good wine, know how to juggle, add witty conversation.

10. Personality & self-explanatory, but it can be cultivated.

11. A great smile it’s free and provides instant attraction!

12. The Cocktail. It sparks conversation Ö and wouldn’t you rather look confident ordering a cool drink rather than clueless while fumbling with a drink menu?

Singular Sensation

Great party trick. Take a palm reading or handwriting analysis class. Delight your friends with your new found talent.

Steal This Drink: Marvelous Mojito

My friend McKinley is the quintessential bi-coastal bartender. He’s perfected a cocktail that gets him invited to the best parties in the singles urban meccas of Manhattan and San Francisco. Why don’t you play bartender at a home happy hour with friends, or adopt this recipe as your signature drink? Stir up some serious mojo, baby!

McKinley’s Blood Orange Mojito

2 oz light rum
1/2 blood orange
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 tablespoon sugar or simple syrup
Club soda
Mint leaves

Use a tall, narrow glass. Take the blood orange sections, 5 mint leaves, sugar and lime juice; muddle in the glass. Add ice to fill the glass. Pour in the rum; stir well. Top off with a healthy splash of club soda and garnish with more mint leaves.

Feeling a little weak in the knees?

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