Tips to Become a Chick Magnet

How do you attract the woman of your dreams? While it can take most guys a long time filled with trials and errors, we have compiled a list of tips so you can become a chick magnet and find your future wife.

Tip #1: Rejection is not always a true rejection
Suppose you meet a beautiful woman, strike up a conversation then you find out she has a boyfriend. While most guys will take that as a sign to turn around and leave, you actually shouldn’t. This is not a sign of rejection nor is it an indicator that she isn’t interested. If the conversation flowed smoothly with laughs and smiles, take those as your signs. A man who truly has mastered the art of attracting women is genuine and knows a good women when he sees her. Just because she is currently unavailable doesn’t mean that you will never have a chance. This is your opportunity to be there for her. Some of the best relationships and marriages start through friendship.

Tip #2: Stand Out
Standing out from the crowd is crucial in the dating scene. There are many guys saying the same thing and flirting the same way as you. So how do you stand out? Come across as confident, not cocky. Be genuine and find out interests and hobbies that you both share. And lastly, be uniquely yourself. If it’s meant to be, being you will attract the right woman.

Tip #3: Make a Connection
Agreeing to everything that comes out of a woman’s mouth along with agreeing with all of her views and options is not the way to win over a woman. Women are never looking for a man who agrees with everything she says. We like a challenge. Debating different viewpoints, opinions, interests, and passions helps to form a deeper connection. A woman is looking for an honest connection with a man.

Tip #4: Strength
Women strive for a mate who is strong and holds a higher position both emotionally and mentally. While some guys feel as if they can’t attract a woman because they don’t have money, a great job, or high social status, that isn’t true. Women are attracted to a man with stronger character and who knows what he wants. But don’t misconstrue this strength. For a man who holds true strength isn’t afraid to show his sensitive and romantic side.

Tip #5: Close the Deal
Most men fall into the friend zone as they don’t know how to close the deal. Without sealing the deal, you will soon be known as the caring and love guy friend, and unfortunately this status will be hard to get rid of. Guys can get side tracked and miss the perfect opportunity to make a woman theirs simply because they don’t know what to do. Being slightly aggressive along with zeroing in on key signs a women sends you will help to close the deal.

By mastering the above tips, you will surely be on your way to attracting the woman of your dreams.

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