13 Winter Date Ideas for a Memorable Experience

There is nothing like chilly weather, toasty fires, and picturesque snowfall to set the backdrop for a perfect first—or even second—date night. Instead of the same-old-same-old dinner and a movie, which are fine, there are a few types of dates that you and your potential paramour can set so that the pressure is off, and you are both having fun.

While the ideas listed below are terrific suggestions, the primary theme is that you should find something to do where you will both have fun and have plenty of time to get to know one another.

Here are 13 first date ideas for winter that may result in a second date:

1. Wine and paint night: There is something about swirling a glass of wine around as you brush paint onto a canvas. Attending a local wine and paint class in your area is a great way to put the focus on fun while you both do your best to express your creativity.

2. Go antique shopping: While we do not think of antiquing as a first date activity, we say, why not? You will get out of the cold as you both hunt for hidden treasures among the rough. Plus, it gives you a chance to see how good of a sport he or she is if it is not necessarily something on his or her radar.

3. Ice skating: Ice skating is a class winter date idea, and for a good reason, too. If you both enjoy physical activity, you’ll have a chance to release endorphins while taking a few moments to pause for laughter. Photo opportunities are at an all-time high as well. 

4. Take a cooking class: Cooking classes are another great way to take away those first date jitters since you will both have something to focus on other than making small talk. There is plenty of room to show off your skills or improve your cooking game. At the end of your class, you can share the meal you both prepared.

5. Try indoor skydiving: Are you a bit of a daredevil that doesn’t want to take a life-changing plunge on your first date literally? We get it. Indoor skydiving is an excellent way to accomplish both. You will have ample opportunity to laugh, play, and dance around in those hilarious jumpsuits.

6. Build a snowman: Don’t laugh at this one. Building a snowman is a long-forgotten pleasure of childhood that you can bring out with your date. Grab a scarf, two pieces of coal, a carrot, and some buttons and head to your local park. You might even end up getting into a friendly snowball fight that ends in a first date kiss.

7. Scope out the best local hot cocoa: There are plenty of local places to grab a cup of hot chocolate. Depending upon where you are, there might be winter-themed events or venues that offer the most to-die-for recipes. If that is not possible, head to your local barista for a unique blend of chocolate and spice and watch the night heat up.

8. Volunteer together: Volunteering is an excellent way to showcase your softer side while contributing to the solutions of society. Go to your local food bank and offer both of your time to help package and sort food items to families in need.

9. Go skiing: Snow bunnies and experts alike will benefit from such a fun activity with a new date. If you live in a mountainous region, we recommend hitting the slopes. Make sure you ask your date if they are up to the task at hand first.

10. Trivia night: Trivia night is a modern take on a classic first date. Many people grab drinks at a bar, but it is an activity that feels a bit unimaginative. Level-up your old standard by taking your date to a trivia night. You’ll have fun working as a team as you spend time imbibing on fine spirits and libations.

11. Take a sleigh ride: Winter is conducive to romantic sleigh rides. From big cities to small towns, sleigh rides are a cornerstone of winter fun. It is also a great date to cap off the end of a day sipping on hot cocoa. Bring a blanket for when your friend gets a little chilly.

12. Go sledding: Sledding is another activity that elicits the fun and excitement of childhood. Who doesn’t like the idea of bundling up, riding close to the one you like, and having fun in the snow? At day’s end, you and your rosy-cheeked friend can make your way toward a hot meal.

13. Take your dogs for a walk: Do you both have a special pooch in your life? If so, you can both take your furry friends out for a walk into town. Pets have a way of making us happy, which is a feeling sure to carry over on this type of date. Add even more fun by setting up a destination, such as a dog park or treat store.

Final Thoughts on Winter Date Nights

We hope you enjoyed the list of winter first date ideas. There is so much pressure to make small talk and be yourself that sometimes, dinner and a movie just doesn’t cut it. 

Before planning something unusual, make sure you ask your date if he or she feels comfortable with the activity. There is nothing more jarring than thinking you are heading to a fantastic evening and then learning you are going to move way outside of your comfort zone.

For some people, going on a first date is heart-pounding enough. It also helps you figure out if your new friend is open-minded and aligned with the activities you enjoy, as well.

So, bundle up, put a smile on your face, and be merry because winter date nights have so much to offer to you both. Good luck and happy dating!

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