10 Commandments Of Dating For Women

Are there any rules when dating? Of course there are. Lots of them, actually, but most of them are culture conditioned and they can vary from one country to the other and from one ethnic group to the other. However, there are basic rules that remain valid all around the world. Here are the 10 commandments women should respect when dating:

1. Return Calls in a Timely Manner

Women like taking their time before getting back to the guy who seems to like them. If you have an interest in that man, too, you would return his call in a timely manner. Even if you want to play hard to get, try not to get over the 48 hours limit without a good reason. Being out of town is no longer a valid explanation. Everybody has a mobile phone nowadays, or almost everybody.

2. Honor Your Promises

You may think that it is easier for the men than for women in the wild dating jungle. Believe it or not, this is not true. It is not always easy to get the courage to ask a woman out. If he did it, and you said yes, try to stick to your plans. Don’t just call to cancel in the last minute. He might get the impression you are not that much into him. Well, it is perfectly fine not to be, but in such a case you shouldn’t agree in the first place.

3. Let Him Take the Lead

Does this seem too old fashioned for you? You might be surprised to find out that many things are still done the old school way. Most men enjoy being the hunter, at least a little bit. Let yourself hunted, but help him if need be by sending him the right signals.

4. No Ex Talks

Leave this topic for a chit chat with your girlfriends! A drink among girls is a much more suitable situation to talk about your ex. Without being secretive about it, don’t expose all your muddied past during the first stage of your relationship.

5. Keep your Focus and Smile

A smile is worth more than a ton of make up. It makes your face shine and lets your potential lover see the best of you. While on a date, try to focus your attention on him, and avoid turning your head after other guys, no matter how hot they might be. Listen to what’s he’s saying, maintain eye contact, and be engaging. That’s the attitude a man would expect. If you are bitter, distracted, and sad, he might forget to call afterwards.

6. Don’t drink too much

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Everything seems to be working just fine. You feel tempted to have a few cocktails or glasses of wine. Don’t! Nobody says you are not allowed to touch alcoholic beverages. Just don’t overdo it. The result might not be as sexy as you think.

7. Don’t look like a gold digger

What do you prefer, finding your soulmate, or a temporary financing source. Don’t behave as if he is your bank. If he decides to buy a present for you, accept it, but don’t ask for it. Moreover, don’t agree to him paying your rent, or giving you a monthly amount of money as he might just end up feeling like buying your love.

8. Be a lady

Remember the basic rules of behaviour your parents taught you when you were a kid? They still apply when dating. Don’t forget your manners and keep using the precious words “please” and “thank you” even if you know him well already. Mind your posture and don’t spread your legs open like a dude even if you are wearing pants. A refined woman does not forget about these small basic rules even after years of marriage.

9. Show your interest

Paying their guy a compliment is something women often forget doing. Men are just as sensitive to nice words and gestures as us. Don’t hesitate to tell him that he looks great in that new shirt he put on especially for you. Show your interest by doing something nice for him! He takes you out to dinner? Why don’t you invite him to your place for a home made dinner for a change? You know what his favorite cookies are? Look for the recipe and bake a nice batch for him. Simple gestures like these send a message. They will show him that you care and that you are making an effort, too.

10. Don’t get naked on the first date

Love at first sight? Many people will argue that it is just infatuation. But, let’s say you fell in love from the first time you set eyes on each other and it’s mutual. However, try to refrain from getting naked on the first date. You can kiss and hug, but taking it slow always has its advantages. How else you would be talking about making love and not just sex?

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