10 Ways To Create A Bodacious Bachelorette Pad!

“There’s no place like home.”—Wizard of Oz

Whether you date online, long-distance, or are secretly immersed in an office romance, the eventual “setting” for your love story will take place at your place.

And like it or not, your apartment, home, or shack, says a lot about who you are and your identity. Just like your clothing, it communicates volumes about your personality and lifestyle.

What does yours say about you?

If you’d like yours to say you’re marriage material, or minimally someone worthy of hanging out with and getting to know better, consider these timely tips.


1. Do make your place a unique, interesting reflection of who you are.

Whether it’s whimsical, old-fashioned, or bold and bodacious, put your own spin on it.

That’s the beauty of having your own spot: your space, your taste!

2. Experiment.

See what you can come up with. Try combining different colors, styles, textures, and even time periods. In the initial stages, don’t invest a lot of money until you’re sure of what suits your personality and lifestyle.

3. Consider the psychology of colors.

Did you know that certain hues have an effect on how you feel and think in a particular room or setting? For instance, beige and earth-tone colors are calming; while colors like red and orange are invigorating. Businesses use color therapy all the time in producing certain desired responses. You should too.

4. Keep your quarters nice and neat.

Your mom was right. Not only does this practice contribute to creating a favorable impression with the opposite sex, but it also goes a long way toward saving you time and money.

5. “Bloom where you’re planted.”

Bringing a bit of nature indoors is always a smart move. Plants create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. They also help to provide good air quality. Even if you weren’t born with a “green thumb,” there are various types of plants that require less “grooming” than your pets. Clueless? Google “easy growing plants” or visit your local Home Depot’s Garden department for help.

6. Consider the versatility of baskets.

I love baskets! You will too. They’re inexpensive, attractive, and easy to find.

Use them for storage: to hold pet toys, towels, Cds, flavored teas, or as decorative art pieces placed strategically on walls. Mix and match different colors, sizes and weave patterns for maximum effect.

7. Surround it with things you love.

If you’re a music lover, it could be a guitar or drum. It could be pretty, decorative frames that “house” photos of your family or pets.  If you love to travel, perhaps you could display images of far-away places and a globe or two. Add to this, some scented candles, or a tranquility fountain, for a nice finishing touch.

8. Don’t overlook the bedroom and kitchen.

It’s where many couples spend a great deal of time sharing food, fun, and creating lasting memories.

9. Shop at an array of venues for the best deals.

You can score some great items at places like your local Family Dollar, quality thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets, and even Craigslist.

10. Be sure to take before and after pictures.

It will give you a great sense of accomplishment and pleasure, and useful ideas for future enhancements.

With spring cleaning on the horizon, there’s no better time to purge and pretty up your place!

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