12 Must Haves For Mrs. Right

1. Someone who is passionate about her life while maintaining a balance. Be it her romantic relationship, her family, her work, herself, and volunteerism. Someone who is passionate about her surroundings lived inspired lives. We can all use a little inspiration.

2. Someone who has the courage to be vulnerable when needed and assertive when necessary. She chooses to open up to those who have chemistry with her but she is able to draw clear boundaries when needed.

3. Someone with who you can be yourself. A person who doesn’t jump to judge but reach out to understand and discover is the same person who can agree to disagree.

4. Someone who compliments the 3 worse flaws about you and you compliment their 3 worse flaws. Mutuality is key. Find someone who can contribute to your life as you do hers. Long tiring checklists isn’t liberating; it’s a shackle at best.

5. Someone who chooses to be kind rather than right. From the waiter to the homeless person on the street to herself.

6. Someone who can say she is sorry. I find that the willingness to admit mistakes is a great step towards healing. Oftentimes, that is good enough.

7. Someone who is a great conversationalist. You just love talking to her because she is so multi-faceted and interesting.

8. Someone who is intellectually curious. She questions just about everything cares about improving herself and doesn’t stop learning.

9. Someone who wants to go through the tough times with you. She has the tenacity to stand by you and support you when things are going south.

10. Someone who takes good care of her pets. She makes sure they are healthy, clean, and happy. If she claims she loves her pets but they are in a state of disarray, imagine if she loves you? You get my drift.

11. Someone who consistently does little things for you. The day in and day out the dedication of doing these things says a lot.

12. Someone who has similar financial views. You want to build a stable financial future so you can enjoy your relationship. The last thing you want to do is fight about money.

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