3 Reasons Not To Take Your Puppy On A First Date

A couple years ago, a friend gave me a name and phone number and said that her friend was expecting me to call and ask her out.   I thought an outdoor play would be a fun first date.  We would take a picnic, bottle of wine, blanket and enjoy a beautiful summer evening together.  I was right about all of that.

This blind date happened to coincide with me puppy sitting an adorable 10 week old Golden Retriever.  I thought that this would only add to the date so I brought him along.  Instead, my fun little buddy ended up being a distraction.  Here are three reasons not to take your puppy on a first date:

1. The puppy garnered a lot of attention which interrupted our conversation

Puppy First Date

We were never able to really get into each other.  Puppies, or pets in general, are great conversation starters, but that meant that everyone wanted to ask how old he was.

2.Because I had a puppy and not an older dog, he required constant attention 

Puppy Needs Attention

This meant that we were more babysitters of the dog than a couple on a date with a third companion tagging along.

3.Puppy poo is not exactly an aphrodisiac

Puppy Poo

If you have an older dog, the potty breaks will happen less often and you have a little more control when and where these happen.

At the end of the night, I didn’t really feel like I had much of a chance to get to know my date.  From carrying the dog (since he hadn’t learned to walk on a leash yet) to cleaning up after him to sharing how old he was with hundreds of interested strangers, I felt like I had been working all night rather than getting to know a nice young lady.  There was no second date, but I learned a valuable lesson.  Leave the puppy at home for a first date.

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