3 Things You Should Know If You Want Him To Commit

Many women will agree in saying that today’s men show a strong fear of commitment when it comes to relationships. The psychologists will tell you the same tendency has been noticed with the opposite sex and will explain you all about this fear’s roots – the concerns to lose their freedom, their privacy and independence. Are you under the impression that your partner is not ready to commit? You should know that you have the key to your man’s heart and that your actions have a great impact upon his decision of staying in the relationship or taking it to the next level. Commitment is not something a man can be talked into, you know that already. If you pick the right timing, all you can do if you want him to commit is to bring out that special emotion that will make him understand you are the One.

Make him feel special

No one likes the feeling of being examined as if to fill up a job description. Take the time to get to know your man rather than making him go through a checklist to make sure he is the right one. When dating, many modern women have the habit of revealing what they want from a man before even getting to know who he really is. Is it because of our hectic lives? Maybe, but you should not let the social pressure of finding a husband stand in the way of your happiness. Make your guy feel special for what he is instead of transmitting the message that he is filling up a vacancy. It is one of the biggest; if not the biggest fear men have when it comes to relationship and commitment. When a man gets to know you are desperately looking for a husband, he will take flight. Your early interaction in a relationship should be all about getting to know the man. It makes him feel secured.

Don’t let him feel too pressured

There are high chances your guy will feel pressured if you instantly switch all your life around him. Things happen gradually, even when we talk about love at first sight. Moreover, commitment has to come from the inside and cannot be forced upon anyone. Without ignoring him, live your own life! Make time to meet him, but don’t forget you have family and friends as well. On the other hand, don’t threaten to leave him every five minutes. Be joyful and reliable! Make him feel lucky to have you and the long waited for feeling of commitment will soon develop.

Create a positive moments with him

A long lasting relationship cannot be built without a strong foundation that is your love for each other and the memories you are accumulating with him. Make sure you find the time and that you use your creativity to surprise him and to build the right kind of memories. Resist that urge to talk about the future of your relationship, no matter how much you obsess over the subject. Be fun and playful! Be someone he likes being with! Positive moments are the key to a man’s heart.

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