3 Tips To Create The Best Online Dating Profile

Setting up a dating profile online can be both an exiting and a terrifying idea all at once. The excitement obviously comes from the thought that maybe you just might meet that special someone through the seemingly boundary-less internet. The terror comes from the thought of wondering exactly what to put in your profile. If you’re like most people, you probably want to put forward the best representation of yourself, but you just don’t know how to do that. Describing yourself can be awkward and confusing. While it may seem a bit like writing a cover letter for a job application, the fact remains that you are really trying to pull in potential dates—not potential bosses! Because of the complexities of creating an online dating profile, there are actually many companies committed to one purpose—that of writing internet dating profiles. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make your own profile/ “about me” section more intriguing, without having to pay a “professional” to do it for you.

Tell Stories: Perhaps one of the most important profile-writing tips to remember, telling stories in your profile is definitely a proven way to draw people in to a desire to at least get to know more about you. Statements such as “I’m a nice, fun, adventurous guy” are generic and actually reveal very little about a person. However, choosing to provide a brief anecdote to represent each one of those descriptions will make you significantly more memorable and interesting. (For example, “One time while in rural Ghana…”). Of course, it is key that you keep these stories brief; not only will this keep your profile easily readable, but it can also provide an excellent opportunity for a conversation topic for your date (“…So tell more about that time you…”). Another way to do this is to provide specific examples for simple generic statements. For instance, saying “Someday I might even make you my signature BBQ ribs and coleslaw” is more memorable and personable than saying, “I really like to cook outside on my grill.”

Invite Questions: A natural follow up to the first point, make sure that your dating profile provides opportunities for others to ask you questions. Whether directly stated (as in, “Feel free to ask me more about…”) or merely subtly implied, a profile that invites inquiry into specific details about you shows that you are an open, inviting person as well. In other words, if the style that your profile is written in sounds perfectly complete and closed off, then others might think that’s the way you are too. Keep your dating options open by sounding like an open, inviting person yourself.

Be Honest: Finally, honesty is obviously a key ingredient to any successful dating experience, whether online or not. If your profile is written in such a way as to overemphasize experiences or “expertise” that are merely exaggerations of reality, others viewing your profile will probably be able to tell sooner or later. Dishonest communication is never a good foot to start off on. However, this does not mean that it is essential that you provide full disclosure regarding all of your academics and assets online either. For instance, not wanting to reveal your current occupation due to fears that others might seek to date you simply for your income is valid reason to only state, “In the medical field” instead of “orthopedic surgeon” in a personal description. In this case, no attempts have been made to make who you are sound “better” than reality.

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