3 Tips To Dating During Exam Period

It’s that time of year again. Exam period has snuck up on you and has already become the bane of your existence. Countless all-nighters, days of stress and hours of cramming is what your life as a student consists of. I’ve already walked around campus and felt like I was in a zombie apocalypse- that’s what a lack of sleep and an overdose of coffee and candy does to the average student.

Another outcome of exam time is that we all get stressed at some point and take it out on the people closest to us. This is not good news for your dating life. You probably feel like you have no social life and that your game is going down the drain. If you haven’t realized it yet, you’re about to.

Fortunately, you don’t need to fret. These 3 tips can help you ace your exams while maintaining a high mark in your dating life.

Consider holding back on your charm. 

Exam period is an important time in your schooling career, so it may be a smart idea to cool it on the dates. Since you want to do well on your exams, you don’t want to risk it by missing out on valuable study time due to a couple of dates. While you’re learning in-depth scientific formulas and business scenarios, learning how to temporarily turn down your charm will be a benefit for you and your partner.

Balance is just as important as caffeine. 

Red Bull, ice cream, chips and coffee seem to develop a high level of significance during exam time. However, they won’t prove to be helpful when it comes to dating, so balance is your new best friend. It won’t do you any good if you study all day, all night, never see sunlight and don’t take any breaks. Maintaining a balance between studying and breaks is important and has been proven to enhance your studying abilities and exam performance.

Fitting in time to unwind, de stress, and bask in some sunlight is key.  These study breaks become ideal opportunities to spend time with your loved ones. Consider having a movie night every so often or watch a TV show together.

Alternatively, getting outside and being active is a good bonding activity, as well as a benefit to your overall health- seeing as your diet consists of sugar and caffeine. Go for short walks between cramming sessions and rant about the stress of higher education life. Fresh air will keep your brain fresh.

Whether its short life chats over Skype, chatting on the phone just to hear their voice, late night cuddle sessions or sleep-overs, make sure you maintain a balance between work and play.

Celebration time. 

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Don’t forget to celebrate once your exams are conquered! Plan something fun that both of you can do to celebrate the victory of rocking all your exams and to rekindle your connection. If you’re an eager beaver and plan something in advance then it would give you something to look forward to.

These 3 tips will help you keep up the fire in your love life during the hectic exam period. By studying these tidbits of knowledge along with your countless courses, you’ll be able to triumph over your exams as well as your dating life.

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