3 Tips to Make You the Perfect Chick Magnet!

There are men who do absolutely nothing but still end up getting more female attention than they actually can handle. There are others too who try all possible things to be a lady’s man, but struggle to woo even a single woman. Below are some tips for men belonging to the second category; following these tips will help them to understand what exactly men should do to be a chick magnet.

Learn how to make eye contact

If you are not a natural chick magnet, you cannot expect to see every pair of eyes following you. So, as you enter a room filled with a group of people, you should first scan it to find out how much initial natural attention you are getting.

Don’t try to do anything silly to grab others’ attention; remember you are here to lock gazes with attractive women and not to present yourself as a clown. As you scan the room, you should find at least one party showing interest in you; if you see her raising eyebrows and smiling at you, respond with a smile and try to reach her to have some kind of communication.

Are you wondering what if you don’t come across anyone locking your gaze or smiling at you? That’s unlikely to happen if you go for a slow measured scan. Most women (particularly the ones who find people already present in the room boring) keep on looking around instinctively to find out whether the man who just entered the room is worthy enough; so, a slow scan will allow you to make eye contact with at least one of them.

Get it, don’t give it

This is and tried and tested method; the biggest lady killers in the world do it and get great results. To get female attention, you will have to learn to ignore them. For instance, if you want the most attractive woman in a group of four or five to show interest in you, just walk to the group and talk to all the girls except the one you want to entice.

Women, no matter how attractive or confident they are, just hate to be ignored. Giving them zero attention means they will start doing things to win your appreciation.

Be ready to ask questions

When you meet a woman for the first time, instead of talking about yourself, ask her questions. Women irrespective of their age, academic background, and profession just love talking about themselves. So, they just love the fact when they meet someone who’s a good listener; chick magnets are usually the best listeners in the world.

Ask about her hobbies, her dreams, and her life as a whole; she will talk, talk and talk. Make sure you listen to whatever she is saying carefully as it can be embarrassing if she asks for a suggestion and you cannot offer as you were actually not listening to her.

The suggestions above show that to be a chick magnet one needs to do more than just looking and smelling good. To get female attention guys must first have an enticing persona; all the other qualities come next.

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