4 Powerful Habits Of Happy Relationships

Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon the way your behavior patterns influence your love life for the better or for the worse? There are things you do unconsciously that impact your relationship in a positive way, just as there are some routines that became some sort of second nature for you, but drive your partner nuts. While the first ones are to preserve, you might consider getting rid of the second type of habits and exercise some practices only happy relationships succeed to turn into a habit.

1. Treat your partner with respect

Respect is an ingredient any relationship should have, whether we are talking about a high school fling, an one night stand or a casual dating. Treating your partner with respect becomes of utmost importance when in a serious relationship, especially if you want to turn it into a lifetime lasting marriage. Showing respect equals to showing love, just as not treating your partner with respect actually means expressing your disapproval, your lack of trust or acceptance.

Respecting your partner means showing them you love them for who they are. You may have different views on life, but this does not mean that you have the right to disrespect him/her. This is something you should keep in mind especially when the two of you disagree on something. Fights, even the most insignificant ones, are the moments when couples often forget they are actually a team and should behave as such.

2. Go for walks hand in hand

This habit will have a huge impact on your mood, on your health as well as on your relationship. It’s an opportunity to get some exercise before or after a sedentary day at the office and the chance to spend some quality time as a couple. Walking hand in hand also promotes nice conversation as it is the time you succeed to break with your daily chores and clear your head together.

3. Spend the evening together away from the TV

Watching TV may be one of the most popular (if not the most of all) spare time activity, but it certainly does not help you as a couple. The TV actually draws all the attention, acting as a communication stopper. How can you possibly connect with each other while watching TV? How about turning off the TV (at least from time to time), and spend some quality time as a couple? You could talk about your day, you could snuggle on the sofa, remember your first day or plan your next vacation. Anything that focuses on the two of you goes.

4. Make nice gestures for your partner

How about bringing the coffee to your husband in the mornings? Or calling his mother for the recipe and cooking his favorite childhood dish? How about buying your girlfriend her favorite cake? Or even better, baking it for her? It does not have to be something big. Small nice gestures express your feelings of love and respect. Leaving notes for each other or texting to say you miss him/her once in a while are habits that can impact in a positive way your relationship.

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