5 Actionable Tips To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

Do you feel shy before women and fail to attract them?

Do you suffer from under-confidence in front of them?

There is good news for you. You are not the only one who feels the same. As the famous saying goes

“Women are like mazes, if you understand them, you understand the world”.

My story with women:

I have always been one of those lanky and unwanted guys all along my high school years. I did not know what to say or do to be famous with women.

The only question that always haunted me was how to attract women? All the friends around me had girlfriends while I could never make the first move to ask a girl out.

Initially, I suffered from a fear of rejection. Later I found that most of the girls around me were already engaged and hence I was out of options.

This continued to happen for quite some time till my elder brother gave me a few tips. I followed them and instantly gained fame amongst girls.

Today, I have a wife and have dated various women. My experience with women handling has made me an expert in the art of attracting women. Some of these tips which can also help you in this regard are as follows.

1. Be confident:

Confidence is largely loving and appreciated by women. You should walk past every woman with a confident attitude.

A pessimistic dialogue that proves that you suffer from an inferiority complex is a big turn-off for women.

Women like men they can depend on. Thus, always try to make sure that women get to know that you are strong and dependable. A bit of self-praise can also help to attract women.

2. Compliment the women:

Women absolutely love compliments. It is probably the best and most widely tried method to attract women.

You can compliment her on the way she looks, on the way she walks, talks, dresses, or smiles. Basically, anything you compliment her about would make her happy.

A lot of women absolutely love the compliments about their inner beauty. So you can just try complimenting women on their soft and loving nature, caring heart, and such other things and instantly get their attention.

3. Be a good listener:

One basic difference between men and women is, when men tell you about a problem, they expect you to come up with a possible solution.

However, when women tell you about a problem, they just want you to listen to the problem and sulk with them.

Women have little or no interest in the solution to the problems. Hence, you can attract them greatly by just being a good listener and lending your ears to all that they have to say. This will make them think that you truly love and care about them.

4. Give them gifts:

Gifts make the women most happy. One of the most important answers to the question of how to attract women is to give them gifts on every possible occasion. According to women, an occasion as simple as the first touch needs to be celebrated.

Therefore, you are advised to keep a diary to remind you of the dates for the smallest of events. Give the women gifts to celebrate weekly or monthly anniversaries of those events to attract them instantly.

5. Be chivalrous:

Chivalry is largely valued by women all over. Make sure that you do not forget the little details of chivalry like opening the car door for her or waiting till she sits at the restaurant to attract her. Never shout at her or any other woman in her presence. This will help you to have a very strong impression of the woman you want to woo.


One concluding idea on how to attract women is to show them your emotional side. Women liking strong and emotionless men are a myth.

Every woman likes a man who will cry on her shoulder. Therefore, whenever possible, show her your emotional side.

Take her to romantic movies, candlelight dinners. I have tried all of these and gained many dates all throughout my life.

However, the methods of wooing and attracting women differ from one woman to another. The proper specification would help me guide you better in this regard so feel free to ask further questions.

Till then, Best of Luck!

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