5 Dating Taboos You Should Break and Run Away From

Why should one be bogged down by dating taboos? Often these taboos stop people from coming across the right person at the right time; with such increased rate of split ups and divorces, this is just unpardonable. So, the first thing you should do before going out on a date is breaking these taboos. Here are some dating taboos you should get rid of.

1 Oh! That man looks good, but is much shorter than me.

What’s in height? How can a relationship go wrong just because the man is shorter than the woman? Instead of checking on a man’s height, you should pay more attention to his health, persona, education and wit. Of course you can go for more superficial qualities like good looks and vitality (yes for those naughty times), but making decisions based on a man’s height is not just worth it.

2 I should never be the one taking the initiative.

This is one dating taboo that hinders even some of the smartest and coolest women. This taboo actually stems from a myth that suggests women prefer dating confident, strong men who are go-getters and men are enticed more easily by women who make them feel strong, confident and go-getting. This is just rubbish.

It’s absolutely wrong to assume that all men are the same. There are many, and yes many who due to severe fear of rejection never ask women out; women always needs to take the first initiative let it be asking them out or sex. This, however, by no means establishes the fact that such men cannot be great life partners or (if you are not looking that far) dating mates.

3 He is asking me to split the bill; he must have real respect for women.

Not necessarily; other than missing the chance to showcase his caring self, by wanting to split the bill men ends up demonstrating an intrinsic stinginess. Stay away from such men.

4 It’s just our first date; how can I have sex?

Women bothered by this awful dating taboo assume that men can never respect women who get intimate on the very first night and thus never fall in love with them.

Those women must remember that great relationships are often about an instant spark or chemistry. Just because you had sex on a first date, you don’t become easy. Sex on first-date might well be an indicator of the fact that you and your new dating mate are gelling really well together.

5 That guy is pretty enticing, but he’s my colleague.

The taboo says that romantic relationships between colleagues often are short-lived due to factors like jealousy, distraction, favoritism and gossip. Many also shy away from such relationships as they fear that a breakup might make life at workplace absolutely miserable for them.

Get rid of this taboo as soon as possible as you might find a perfect life partner in your workmate. The best thing about such relationships is that the two of you will get to spend a lot of time with each other; you can travel together to and from work, you can have your lunch together, take part in office get-togethers and so on. Just make sure that your personal difference (when there’s any) don’t affect work.

Never allow these taboos to play big roles when making decisions on someone. Doing so will only make you wait more for your soul mate.

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