5 Dog Friendly Ideas For A First Date

If the idea of a first date filled with long, awkward pauses and conversations that stop before they start doesn’t appeal to you, then consider planning a first date that includes your and your date’s dogs. Bringing your dogs can keep the awkward silences at bay and give you both an inside look at your personalities. But where should you go? Consider these five dog-friendly date ideas.

Dine at a dog-friendly restaurant: Grabbing dinner at a restaurant is a well-worn idea for a first date. So why not add a twist to it by dining at a dog-friendly restaurant? To find a dog-friendly restaurant in your area, use your favorite search engine or ask your favorite dog boutique store for tips.

Attend an outdoor concert: Whether it’s dancing to a cover band play the hits of popular bands or listening to a chamber orchestra play classical music, attending an outdoor concert on a first date is a great way to include your dogs. If possible, bring a picnic basket and include some dog-friendly treats, too. Just make sure the concert venue allows dogs; you don’t want to arrive with your pooches only to find out they can’t attend.

Explore your city on foot: If the weather is agreeable, then consider meeting up with your dogs at a prominent landmark and exploring the area. Walking is a relaxed way to get to know each other while also giving your dogs their exercise. Don’t forget the poop bags!

Meet at a dog park: For a casual and quick first date, suggest meeting with your dogs at the local dog park. You and your dogs can get exercise while playing a game of catch. Meeting at the dog park keeps the date relaxed, too; if you hit it off, you can suggest heading out for dinner, but if the sparks don’t exactly fly, you can just head home. Keep bottled water on hand for you and your dog, and perhaps some treats for your dogs. Before you grab that leash, though, check first to see if the dog park requires a special license or tag, or if you need to pay a fee in advance.

Attend a dog clinic: Whether it’s a class with tips on grooming or a fitness class with your dog, attending a dog-focused clinic with your date is a great way to get to know each other in a relaxed and comfortable setting. To find a dog clinic in your area, you can start by checking your local animal shelter or specialty dog store.

When planning a first date with that special someone and their dog, make sure they feel comfortable bringing their canine along. Some dogs may not be agreeable in crowds or with other dogs.

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