5 Myths About Dating That Everyone Thinks Are True

From sitcoms to romantic comedies to stories from friends, we all know some of the universally-acknowledged truths about dating. However, according to science most of these “truths” are wrong. So you actually know less about romance than you thought you did, until now.

Myth #1: Gamers are lonely virgins.
Through Hollywood, we all know the “nerdy gamer has never touched a boob” stereotype. More so, when we hear the word gamer, we tend to think of a very thin or fat man whose romance consists of Xbox chats occurring in their parent’s basement. According to science, these nerdy gamers are more likely to go out on dates than non-gamers. Plus, with the growing gaming market in addition to the rise in multiplayer games, gaming is actually become a popular ice breaker. Also, let’s not forget about online games where people have met and fallen in love.

Myth #2: Online dating is not only a last resort but it only attracts losers.
Unfortunately, due to desperate marketing efforts in addition to untruthful profiles, online dating has gotten a bad rap for years. Typically, in our minds it’s resorted as the last ditch effort to finding your soul mate; however, these viewpoints are wrong. There have been recent studies that have shown that one in five dating site users find their soul mate online. Also, 94% of people who create a relationship online will go out on a second date, which is way more than the percentage of people who meet offline. Why is this? Because online dating is through a computer, people tend to be more honest and upfront as they are “talking to a computer”. Think about it, would you spill your guts to someone you just met at a bar? Another great reason to online date is that it’s self-sustaining and becoming increasingly popular. The chances that you will meet someone who has your same interests is very high.

Myth #3: In relationships, women are emotional and men are logical.
We’ve all seen the countless movies and shows that account for women bursting into tears over a guy or dissecting the relationship while the man appears to be oblivious and suave while always winning the woman’s heart. Science says that men are more emotionally affected by relationship drama than women, they just don’t show it. Women generally tend to have close ties to family and friends allowing for a lot of emotional support especially when it comes to guy trouble. Guys tend to just confide in their partners making a fight especially hard on them.

Myth #4: Feminism kills romance.
With the stereotype that feminists are independent women who don’t need a relationship or man to complete them are strung throughout many generations, it is actually wrong. Women who consider themselves feminists are more often than not in a heterosexual relationship. Men who are married to a feminist have reported that their sex life is more satisfying than those who aren’t. So while feminists are typically seen as flannel, mannish women that is actually not the case.

Myth #5: Couples who live together before marriage are better prepared.
Society has moved away from the fact that an unmarried couple getting a place together is living in sin. But nowadays it almost makes sense. It appears logical to move in with your significant other before making a legal commitment that could end up in divorce. This way, you can find out if Mr. Right is truly Mr. Right. According to science, couples who have lived together before marriage or engagement have a higher divorce rate and lower marital satisfaction. Couples who play house before engagement are especially doomed if they do it to test their relationship. If you feel like testing your partner then chances are you are not with the right one. Another factor that can come into play is the notion of settling. Couples, nowadays, treat living together as another step in the dating process. Once they start living together, they find it nearly impossible to break up as financially and emotionally they have settled.

And there you have it, now you know more about romance.

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