5 Rules of Being a Wingman

Having a trusted and expert wingman by your side can determine whether you will leave with a beautiful woman or solo. Below, we have compiled the best rules for being the ultimate wingman.

Rule #1: He who approaches first, chooses
Honestly, it takes courage to approach a group of women and strike up a conversation due to the risk of being shot down or not hitting it off. It also takes skill to approach women the right way. Hence our first rule: whoever successfully approaches first, gets first choice in the women.

Rule #2: Treat your friends right
Women learn a lot from observation especially about men they are interested in. Act like your friends are the coolest people you know. Not only will this confidence radiate off but a woman will instantly become much more attracted to you. Ditching your friends for a woman you have known for ten minutes just shows that you are desperate.

Rule #3: Respect the ratio
If your friend is talking to an odd number of women, take that as a cue to approach the group to help balance the ratio. Remember, if you end up hitting it off with one girl in particular, you still need to stay with the group. Leaving with that woman will leave your guy wingman less which means you have failed. The only time it is okay to leave is if the ratio is even. That way you both get alone time with beautiful women.

Rule #4: Do and say what your friend is unable to
This rule is crucial for wingmen. Wait until your friend goes to the bathroom or grabs a drink and talk about his best qualities in a non-direct way. For bonus points, do not talk directly to the girl he is interested in. Talk to her friends and wait until they repeat it.
To help avoid your friend being too direct, when it seems that the night is winding down suggest one last drink or a walk up to the rooftop to enjoy the amazing view.

Rule #5: Act like the game is over
Once you see that spark between your friend and the woman he’s interested in, start acting and talking like they are already a couple. This technique of “framing”, will have an amazing effect as women are affected by sub-communications more than by what is actually being said.

With this field guide in hand, you are now ready to have a successful night out on the town.

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