5 Things You Can Learn About Dating From 50 Shades of Grey

Ever heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? While all of the hype has to do with human sexual desire and the unique and naughty ways to fulfill it, there is actually a deeper meaning. Can that be possible? Actually, yes. This book portrays desire, attraction, and romantic love through human psychology. In fact, it can actually be used as a dating bible. Intrigued? Read on to find the different ways in which Fifty Shades of Grey can teach you about dating and relationships.

Lesson #1: Single-Minded Attention

Christian, the main male character, wants Anastasia, the heroine. He makes his intent extremely clear. His attention and sexual energy does not dissipate when other gorgeous women enter the picture. His sole focus is on Anastasia and Anastasia only.
This attention is extremely intoxicating to many women especially nowadays as society says that it is okay for men to give vague interest to a woman. Giving your date full attention by eliminating distractions and giving full eye contact will help to deepen your connection and show that you are truly in the moment.

Lesson #2: Driven and Intentionality

Always in control of himself, Christian decides to invest time and effort into developing a wide range of abilities and skills. He also constantly looks for ways to challenge and improve himself as a person, just like Anastasia does when she completes her interview with Christian no matter how challenging it was.
While it may seem impossible, there are men and women out there who are successful, intelligent, and physically and emotionally fit. By living a purposeful life through daily growth and challenges, you can become your best self which will lead to intentionally attracting a similar partner.

Lesson #3: Willingness to be Vulnerable

Living a life filled with abuse and trauma led Christian to take everything into his own hands and focus on succeeding. While he appears closed off at first, Christian’s character becomes endearing as he slowly lets Anastasia into his emotional world and lets her heal him.
Anastasia, while filled with innocence and self-consciousness, decides that she in fact does want Christian. And while his world is completely unknown and new to her, she embraces him and his lifestyle.
Because of society and the notion that showing emotions means weakness, it is frowned upon to show them. But in reality, showing emotions is actually one of the strongest things to do. And letting another person who you truly care about and trust see these emotions allows the respect and relationship to deepen.

Lesson #4: Decisive

Christian knows who he is and what he wants out of life by living up to high standards and because he truly knows himself. When he decides that he wants Anastasia, it actually means something.
Making firm decisions, being passionate and showing it, leading your dates in addition to proactively communicating to your partner helps to instill strong intentions. It is always nice to know that you are solely wanted and desired.

Lesson #5: Love, Affection, and Unapologetic Sexual Desire

Predictability is death to sexual desire. When Christian is not spanking, flogging, or tying Anastasia up, he is holding, caressing, and kissing her. Christian is strong, soft, aggressive, and sweet all the while unapologetically desiring Anastasia. And in turn, Anastasia learns to love and crave his attention and uncontrollable need for her.

Sexually exploring and experimenting will help deepen your relationship. Loving, complimenting, and wanting to make your partner happy shows just how much you care. The key is to show that you are a good partner because you want to be.
These learnings from Fifty Shades of Grey will help you to attract a dream partner or deepen your already thriving relationship.

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