5 Things You Should Avoid Talking About On A First Date

A first date can be the first chapter of a fairy tale, but it can also be a total disaster just because you touched an “untouchable” topic. Finding love seems so easy in the movies, but is it the same in real life? Romance doesn’t always fly smoothly, and finding your soul mate is not easy for each and every one of us. Sometimes it’s a question of knowing how to fight for it, and how to avoid making faux pas, especially on your first date. Although this is the time when you are trying to find out the basic things about each other, it is best you stick to safe conversation topics. Here are some things you should avoid talking about on your first date:


Nobody says your political views are not important, but they certainly don’t make a safe conversation topic for a first date. Bringing up politics might just create an atmosphere of animosity, and this is not what you want. Anyway, you won’t make a republican become democrat or vice versa… at least not at this stage of your relationship.

Your ex(es)

If you are not a teenager, you most certainly have some failed relationships in your portfolio, and this is perfectly fine. Everybody does. No matter what you have to say about your ex/exes, the first date is not the right time for such a conversation. Was she a controlling bitch? Was he a total jerk? This is not something you want to tell someone you have just met as he/she might think you are nothing else but a bitter soul. If on the other hand, you have only great words to say about them, you might leave the impression you did not get over them, and you are not, therefore, ready to start another relationship. If your date tries to find out why you broke up with your ex, give a vague answer that contains no blaming or adoration.

Your not so clean past

Cleaner or dirtier, we all have a past, and this does not mean we are not entitled to find love. However, this does not mean you have to brag about your past misshapes on your first date. You will have to come clean about some of those things at least at a certain point in the early stages of your relationship, but you don’t have to scare your date away from the very first time you meet.

Your biological clock

As time goes by, women especially, but also men start to hear their biological clock ticking.  You got to that age where you want to start a family and to have kids, but it is advisable you first find the right partner for it.  Don’t put the cart before the horse!

Your favorite sexual position

No matter what turns you on and what you enjoy doing in bed, it is not the first thing you want your date to find out about you. Similarly, this is not the most important thing you want to know about a potential partner.  Wait until you achieve the right level of intimacy to talk about these things.

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