5 Tips To Survive Long Distance Relationship – Student Edition

Summer time is a lovely part of a student’s existence. No doubt about it. You get to forget about the very reality of school, relax a little, get your tan on, drink fruity beverages out of coconuts, and reconnect with your family and hometown friends. It all sounds pretty grand indeed.

Except for one tiny detail…you feel incomplete. You’re like a cone without the ice cream. Like pizza without cheese, like Miley Cyrus without a wrecking ball, a lonely Bonnie without your Clyde.

I’m not talking about being separated from your fraternal twin; I’m referring to the hard time in a relationship known as “long distance separation”. After spending eight wonderful months at school with your lover, you both have to return to your home steads and learn the ropes of being apart while maintaining that special spark.

You may have it easy and be dating the cute girl next door who happened to go to the same school, or you may be separated by kilometres, oceans, maybe even continents. It gets tough at times and it’s no easy feat to maintain the connection that was crafted over the course of the school year.

Well good thing I’m here for you.

First and foremost, commitment is key.

It’s no surprise that only those who are dedicated to their relationship will make it last. Duh. Heck this goes for close distance relationships too. Not being able to see each other on a daily basis requires constant and a heightened sense of enthusiasm and enduring loyalty from both sides.

Take advantage of all the great technology, gadgets and gizmos. 

We live in a digital world of computers, cell phones and ubiquitous technology. Back in the day it cost a fortune just to call someone on the telephone…nowadays we can Skype with anyone in the world for absolutely free. We have it easy, so there really should be no excuse. Technology is a great tool to use, whether it is a continual texting conversation, talking over the phone, one of the countless social media outlets or Skype. Use it and use it often.

Get creative.

Distance in between you and your significant other creates opportunities for you to show some creativity and ingenuity. Use actual paper and a real pen and send a letter the old fashioned way, surprise your lover with flowers delivered to their house (refer to number 2 and order online from a floral shop) or do the classic surprise visit if possible. Put your thinking cap on and show some true originality.

Embrace the time you do get to spend together.

Because you will be apart for so long, if you do manage to get in a visit and go on some adventures it will be undoubtedly super special. I’m not saying it will be like that romantic scene in the rain from the Notebook, but it will be pretty close.

Remember that it’s not the end of the world. 

Ya it may get hard at times and you’ll want to curl up in the fetal position and whimper (I’ve been there- no shame) but remember that distance is secretly healthy. Being apart from your partner will help you value your time together more and you’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. So better if you start practicing now right?

Let these five tips act as your love guru for the summer months and you’ll be just fine. You’re probably going to be asked a million times “where is your other half?” and “are you still dating what’s-her-name?” But now you can confidently answer “I’m in constant communication with him/her and they’re currently at their home” and “yes, you bet I am”.



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