5 Types Of First Daters. Which One Are You?

There is a science to dating. The dating life can be likened to a chemistry experiment where you hope you and your date complement one another and result in a positive attraction.

A successful date depends on the compatibility of the daters. And knowing what type of dater you are can help you bring out more of your positive characteristics without compromising who you really are.

So, what type of dater would you say you are?

The Over-Talkative

If you are the over-talkative, you are more than likely an extrovert. Sometimes your gift of gab has more to do with nerves and less to do with a need to talk. You sometimes cut people off when conversing, not on purpose of course, and you have no problem finding the right words when someone asks you to tell them about yourself. You will have to learn how to listen just as well as you talk. You want to make sure that you and your date are getting to know each other. Doing this will help you determine if you two are a good fit or incompatible.

Ms.  & Mr. We

Finding someone who can be equally a lover and friend is important to this first dater. You make this point very clear on the first date. Before you’ve gotten to know your date, you quickly make plans for a second date and even getaways together. You may be starting your sentences with too many “we can’s” and not enough “I have.” This may give your date the impression that you are clingy or controlling even if you aren’t and it can have them planning their exit before the waitress can offer dessert. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings on moving your first date to the next level, just make sure you determine if your date wants the same as you.

The Untamable

You are definitely independent and don’t need anyone or anything to validate who you are. Freedom is a priority for you and any threats against it gets cutout of your life. Keep this in mind: when you put out the energy of not needing anyone or being too untamable, it can be a turn-off to your date. Everyone wants to feel needed in some capacity. If you just want to date and don’t want to give your date the impression that you’ll want more anytime soon, say that. The first date is the best time to put everything out on the table.

The Idealist

If you’re this type of dater, you already know the type of person you want down to the aesthetics. You even have your lives organized on a pre-planned schedule of major life events like marriage and kids. Before you think about bringing up your ideal wedding plans on your first date, test the waters with your date and see if your goals and aspirations match up. It can be scary for someone to hear about things related to commitment when they just want someone to go to the movies with.

The Resume Reader

Much like your neighbor the idealist above, you know what you want but you are a bit more focused on how your date makes their money. You have a strict idea of how they should stack up when it comes to their influence and finances. Who they work for or used to work for is what shapes your perception of who they are. Knowing the type of person you want when it comes to all aspects of life is great. Let’s try to be a bit more open to dates with people who don’t completely meet your criteria. You might be surprised if you fall for someone who doesn’t fit your ideals, it happens.

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