5 Unique Summertime Date Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time for kicking back and enjoying time with friends and family alike. It’s also the perfect time to get to enjoy some fun, not your run-of-the-mill dates. Check out these five unique summertime date ideas that are sure to fade into great memories long after the temperatures have dropped.

Canoeing Adventures: If there’s a river or large lake somewhere within driving distance, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s also a spot offering canoe (or kayak) rentals. Many of these businesses are only open during the summer months, so be sure to book your adventure far enough in advance that you won’t be let down with the disappointment of arriving to a location only to find all of the available boats already checked out for the day. Often sites like Groupon have deals for such rentals also, so saving money through making use of one of these offers could also be a possibility. Pack a picnic lunch in waterproof containers to keep both you and your date well fed during your adventure.

Frisbee or Mini Golf Challenges: Skip the dark bowling alley during the summer months and choose one of these fun golfing options instead. While mini golf tends to be a “safe” choice for anyone unsure of his/her athletic abilities, the more athletically inclined might want to take a chance and check out a local Frisbee golf course. Not only are both of these activities perfect for keeping awkward silences at bay, but they’re also great ways to get a little closer to your date as you help them figure out perfect putting/throwing form. Finish off your date with a trip to a local snow cone shack—another business typically only open during summertime.

Dog Park Dates: If both you and your date are avid dog lovers, there’s no need to leave your canine companions behind as you head out for an evening of fun. While it’s not unusual for them to be closed during the winter months, most local dog parks are open during the summertime. If possible, be sure to read online reviews and research any of the specific rules for particular dog parks before bringing your dog and date to them. If no dog parks seem to be open in your area, choosing to schedule a dog-walking date with your significant other could also be a fun alternative option instead. Take care to bring along extra water to keep everyone comfortably cool and hydrated during you date.

Outdoor Theater Evenings: Take advantage of the warm evenings and learn a bit more about your local arts scene. Many towns offer free or reduced prices for tickets for outdoor theater events, with performances ranging from musicals to Shakespearean dramas to choir concerts. Local bands are also often performing shows at various outdoor locations during the summer months as well. If no outdoor performing arts options seem to be available in your area, consider looking into any drive-in movie theaters instead; although not nearly the same as a live performance, drive-in theaters still have a certain timeless quality to them.

Geocaching: While this technically isn’t an activity that’s solely limited to the summer months, a better chance of better weather certainly won’t hurt your chance of having fun during a geocaching date. Borrow a GPS coordinates system from a friend or use your smartphone to aid you in your search, and research local geocaches prior to starting out on your date. Be sure to also bring along a fun item for you and your date to leave in the cache!

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