5 Ways Not To Be Tech Needy

Before the days of caller ID, texting and social media stalking you could safely dial a guy’s (or girl’s) number over and over again until your fingers became numb from pressing the buttons. With the modern marvels of technology announcing your every move, seeing your name and number pop up on his cell four, five or more times a day is a total turn off. The same goes for texts, emails and social media messages. It’s not likely that @JohnDoe wants to read your shout out tweets to him on the hour every hour or get text after text wondering where you are and what you’re doing. This is the technological equivalent of following him around, constantly peaking over his shoulder.

If your overdependence on your partner is coming out as an overdependence on technology, cut the cling and move on to an activity that doesn’t involve texting, tweeting, messaging or otherwise cyber following him.

Hit the gym. As the elliptical bumps you up and down, your ability to dial or text will go from stellar to sloppy. Unless you plan on texting something that comes out like, “Hu t w? Wgats up” you aren’t likely to get clingy and try to make contact during your workout. As an added bonus exercising can help you to relax and de-stress, making the need to be needy go downhill. If you don’t have a gym membership, don’t run out and get one just to get away from your own needy behavior. Take your dog out for a walk, go for a jog around your neighborhood or hit the bike trails at your local park. The key thing to remember: Leave your cell at home or in your gym locker. If you don’t have it, you can’t use it.

Call someone else. Name one of your vest friends as a designated caller. When you’re about to make the second call or third text, you can still pick up your phone – as long as the person on the other end isn’t your guy or girl. Let your friend talk you down, reminding you that you have plenty of people in your life to keep you company.

Don’t cyber stalk. If you do happen to browse his Facebook page a few too many times, chances are he’ll never know unless you make it obvious. If you truly trust him, there’s no reason to check up on him 20 times a day. After all, he’s probably too smart to post pics of himself and another girl when he knows that you could see it. If he isn’t that smart, why are you with him anyway? If you do happen to catch one too many glimpses of his social media page, don’t constantly post comments. He, and his friends, don’t need to know that you’re on his page every five minutes.

Go on a cell sabbatical. If you’re starting to let the cling creep up on you, put your cell to rest for a day. While this seems like an impossibility, the human race did carry on long before mobile phones ever came to be. Turn your phone off, put it in a drawer and make plans with friends and family for an entire day.

Hit the town. Plan an evening out with friends. While you’re busy dining, dancing or watching the latest blockbuster flick, you won’t be dialing up your love or texting him relentlessly. If you do find yourself peaking at your phone, wanting to get in a quick text while your friends are looking the other way, throw yourself back into the present.

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