5 Ways to Find the Love of Your Life!

We are all constantly, whether subconsciously or consciously, on the lookout for the one. That person who we can share our life with and who will stop us enduring the fate of living in a flat with Fluffy the cat. Here are just five ways to avoid that fate and having countless amounts of cat food to pay for!

Do A Night Class

Common interest is the key here. Whether it is photography or creative writing, always choose a night class which incorporates your interests. Understanding is a big thing when it comes to finding a soulmate. You have to get each other which is why so many cool types gravitate towards each other and so many quiet eccentrics gravitate towards each other. So if you choose a night class which you yourself are interested in it increases the likelihood that you will meet people just like yourself.


In general people don’t go up to each other in bars and clubs as much now because they fear people might think they are creeps or something. But they are still places where love can blossom. As drink flows people don’t tend to worry half as much what people think of them or worry as much about what to say so in that sense they are still great places to meet people. Obviously I wouldn’t advise going home with them that night but take their number. It could be the start of something.


Work is where the majority of people do find the love of their life as boring as that sounds. So try to be in a job you love if you can and there’s a huge chance you will click with someone you like. And if you’re shy around them, don’t worry. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. And if not, there’s plenty more fish in the sea as they say.

Do Gigging

The gigging circuit is fantastic for meeting people. It’s like the bar circuit only that you can break the ice by saying something like, “I loved that riff you played.” It is a very easy way to meet the one and lots of friends along the way too so learn a musical instrument, if you don’t already play one, and get out there and do some gigs.

Don’t Appear Desperate

I have listed four ways in which to meet the one but the last is probably the most important. You have to make sure you don’t come across like your life revolves around finding someone who will complete it. Ensure that you have plenty going on in your life and that meeting someone is only one part of your mission, not the entire mission. In other words you have to show that you are strong enough to live with Fluffy in the flat even if it’s not how you particularly imagined your future. Appear confident in your own skin. There’s nothing more attractive.

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