6 Important Things Men Think About During Sex

What do the guys think about during sex? This is one question that has probably been bothering women since the time of Adam and Eve. Centuries have passed, but still few women can confidently say that they know exactly what their partner is thinking about when having sex. The discussion below explores some thoughts that might occupy a man’s mind during sex.

Hope I don’t ejaculate prematurely

Performance anxiety during sex is something almost every man has experienced when having sex. For some it’s a regular thing, while for others it happens only on some specific occasions such as when having sex after a long time, getting cozy with a new partner, etc. Performance anxiety is particularly common among men with history of premature ejaculation.

Should I moan like this, or it was really bad?

Moaning is an integral part of any sexual act. Guys are not always very confident about the way they moan. When having sex, they often end up making several attempts to perfect their moan. This is because they fear that a bad moan might turn their partner off. So, if your husband or partner is moaning differently on different occasions during sex, it might not be natural and can just be an effect of the attempts he is making to perfect his moans.

Does she like it? Then why she is so silent?

This thought is also a byproduct of the performance anxiety that men have during sex. The question often bothers men as women tend to be more vocal than men when having sex; however, exceptions are always there.

It’s true there are many women who go silent just because they don’t like what their partner is doing. However, that’s always not the case. Some stay quiet just because they prefer staying quiet.

Should I talk dirty?

Some men talk dirty just because it comes naturally to them, while there are others who do that just to turn their partner on. However, there’s often confusion in their minds regarding how much their partner likes to hear such words during sex; this happens mostly when men are in a new relationship.

Oh! That’s perfect

This expression is a common one for men who have just seen a perfect pair of breasts or butts. A man might think so when he starts enjoying the action most. A man’s mind can also start uttering “oh, that’s perfect” after witnessing an exceptionally sexy act by his partner.

Thinking about other women

Most women will find this shocking, but often men think about other women when having sex. This usually happens when sex becomes monotonous after staying in a relationship for years. If you want to ensure that your partner doesn’t think about other women when having sex, take steps to spice up your relationship.

These were just a few things that a man can think during sex. There can be more weird thoughts looming in a man’s mind when having sex depending on the situation he is in.

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