6 Reasons To Put Down Your Cell Phone

You’re sitting across from the girl or guy of your dreams during a candlelit dinner at the hippest new place in town. Everything is rolling along in a royally romantic way until your phone starts blowing up with texts from your friends, sister and even mom – all asking how it’s going or if this is the “one.” You have two choices: Silence the ringer, put the phone away and ignore it until your date is over or you can answer each and every message that’s coming in. If you choose the later you’re running the risk of not only ruining the date, but also the possible potential of future romance with this now-offended person.

Why should you put your cell phone down during a date, and how can doing so up your chances of future success? Take a look at six reasons why distracted dating is a relationship ender and what you can do to turn your tech-filled love life around.

You’re making him feel like he’s totally unimportant. Unless there’s a dire emergency such as a close family member’s been taken to the hospital or your boss is threatening to fire you if you don’t return her emails, there’s little reason to divert your attention from your date to your phone. Instead of staring at the screen instead of your date’s face for the entire evening, put your phone away and give him your full attention.

She may think you’re just not into her. Imagine that you’re on a date with someone who you really would rather never talk to again. What would you do? If your answer falls somewhere near the “pay her no attention” category – that’s exactly what you’re doing when you are a distracted date. Even though you’re actually texting your best bud that your date is uber-amazing, she may take your actions as an indication that you have zero interest in her.

You look bad. What would your mother say about your poor manners? Pretend that you’re at a family dinner, and think about proper table etiquette. Even if you’re not exactly Miss Manners 100 percent of the time, this is one to-do that you should follow.

Conversation is a two-way street. The first few dates provide a time when you and your potential new partner are just getting to know each other. Constantly glancing at your cell, responding to emails or texting your friends puts up a major roadblock when it comes to the live conversation that should be happening right in front of you. Ask yourself if telling your BFF that your date is “so cute” because he treats his beagle like it’s his baby is better than actually talking to him about his love for his pet.

You’re making a not-so-nice first impression. The dating pool reaches far and wide, and there’s always another fish to take your place. Making a poor impression on the first date is likely to color your potential partner’s thoughts on who you are and if she will go out with you again. Is she going to say “yes” to a second date after watching you spend 30 out of your 45 minutes dinner texting? It’s not likely.

Connections are made by people, and not technology. While you may have met online and first “talked” via text, to make a true love connection you need actual human-to-human interaction. Picking up your phone also gives your date free reign to do the same. Talking to other people during your date distracts you from making a connection with each other.

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