6 Summer Date Ideas

Make this summer sizzle – with our top 6 date ideas for this season!

1. Go hiking

Get out there and see all those places you’ve been meaning to see. Not only has research proven that hiking improves your health, it also allows time and space to really get to know your date. The more interesting the place, the less awkward silences you’ll have – as there’ll always be something to talk about!

2. Hit the gym together

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting out, going to the gym is always more fun with a gym-buddy. You and your date can act as each other’s personal trainer, and create your own boot camp for two. It’s the perfect way to inspire healthy competition between you.

3. Go to a local sporting event

Go to a local game – together. Cheer on your team with matching foam fingers. Lose yourselves in the atmosphere of the crowd – it’s hard not to have fun while doing the wave! If you’re feeling brave, you can always try and get a romantic message on the Jumbotron.

4. Campout for two

Make the most of those summer evenings. There’s a cheap, fun (and totally romantic) date waiting right in your backyard. Set up a tent, and enjoy a romantic date night snuggling under a starry summer sky!

5. Zoo Date

A trip to the zoo is sure to bring out the kid in you with this creative date idea! With so many animals to see, you can wave goodbye to any awkward silences. Go on, show your date just how WILD about them you are!

6. Berry picking

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and pick your own berries, and it makes a pretty fun and unique date idea too. Then come home afterwards to turn those berries into a sweet dessert treat.

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