6 Tips To Prevent That First Date From Being Your Last

First dates. We eagerly anticipate the magical moments.  They can be exhilarating, and yet intimidating. In many ways, they’re the equivalent of job interviews. Ace it, and you can look forward to future perks, incentives, and eventual promotion.  (And let’s hope a favorable “performance review“.)

On the other hand, wear the wrong attire, communicate awkwardly, or appear to be lacking in basic social graces, and you can forget being called back to move forward.

And let’s face it: competition can be fierce in both arenas.

Here are 6 practices you’ll want to adopt as “Standard Operating Procedures” for that all-important first date. 

1. Put your best foot forward. 

Be on timeDress for success. Keep your cell phone under wraps. Nothing can be more disruptive or frustrating than having a phone go off constantly during a meal.  If you must take a call from someone, (because it’s important) try to make it brief– with apologies.

Remember that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

2. Be a good listener.

This is no time to hog the bread and the conversation

Take an active interest in getting to know the other person. Share a thing or two about who you are and what you feel makes you uniquely you. Avoid asking intrusive questions.

3. Always be appropriate.

Remember, the objective here is to stand out in a good way. 

Don’t rant about past failed relationships, tell off colored jokes, or behave rudely to service providersIt could make you come across as uncouth.

4. Pay attention to body language.

Did you know that 93% of communication is said to be non-verbal?

Things like posture, facial expressions, eye contact and body positioning can help you to assess if your date is engaged and interested, or hoping you’ll lose their number.  Heed the signs.

5. Don’t go “Dutch!”

Finance should never come before romance on a first date. And cheapness is a definite turn-off for most people. If you’re cash challenged, be creative; consider a delicious home cooked meal with candlelight and music.

6. End on a positive note.

Be gracious. If you had a good time, say so. Exits are just as important as starts.

Follow these six timely tips to make your first date first rate! 

It just might be the beginning of something special.

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