7 Freaky Reasons Online Dating Could Get You Fired

Everyone has heard of that one guy who got canned because he was on match.com during work. You should never be on your dating website when you are at work. It can give a sense that you do not care about being there, or that you do not want to Here are some tips that will help you keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble when you are dating someone online and you want to still be able to do well at work.

You fall behind your work

To begin, you will always want to be on time. One reason you could get fired for dating online doesn’t even have to do with you being on the internet at work checking your inbox. If you want to stay out of trouble, check your messages at your lunch break or when you get home. Don’t be late for work.

Your boss thinks you waste your time on the internet

Another thing that may end up getting you fired for online dating is checking your dating website inbox at work. You are there to work, not to be checking on your social life. Checking your inbox is important, but you will want to do it when you are on a break or another time that you don’t have to work. Otherwise, your boss could think that you are wasting time on the internet, and will end up firing you and hiring someone who “isn’t on the internet all the time.”

You look as if you are hiding something

You should also always be aware of how your behavior is perceived. If you are acting strangely trying to cover something up at the workplace, your boss will immediately suspect something, and then keep a closer eye on you. One simple slip-up and BAM, you’re gone.

You are not flexible enough

Being flexible is another important part of dating online and having a successful business life. You may have to re-arrange your schedule a bit, but if your boss really needs something done, make time for him or her.

You don’t focus on your work

You should also pay attention to the effort you are putting in. When you are thinking about what you will wear to that hot date you have tonight, you are not focusing on your work, and not putting in your full potential.

You badmouth your employer online

Also, you should never badmouth the company, not even to your online date. If your company found out about this, it could lead to your dismissal from your job, and no one wants that. Keep all electronic comments about your workplace positive.

You mix with the wrong kind of people

Lastly, you should just generally try to stay out of trouble. Mixing with the wrong kind of people can lead to you getting fired. Following these tips will make you successful in both your romantic and professional life.

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