7 Myths About Sex

Whether it comes from friends, parents, porn, or Hollywood, we all have false information in our heads about sex. Luckily, we are here to help decipher some of the most ridiculous myths.

Myth #1: You can tell a how big a man’s penis is by his shoe size, for as the saying goes “if he has big feet…”. This is false. There is absolutely no correlation between penis size and shoe size. This also goes for hand size and ear size.

Myth #2: The bigger the penis, the more satisfaction the woman will receive. False, size actually has nothing to do with the amount of pleasure, it mostly just has to do with a man’s ego. The G-Spot is located two inches inside the vagina and it is the head of the penis that stimulates it while thrusting. In fact, a bigger penis oftentimes misses the G-Spot altogether. So in theory, size comes down to preferences not satisfaction.

Myth #3: It is impossible for a woman to conceive a child while she is already pregnant. False, called superfetation, a woman can in fact conceive while pregnant although it is very rare.

Myth #4: Marriage will ruin your sex life. This is false. Sex, in fact, improves after marriage. Recent studies indicate that married couples have higher satisfaction, try more diverse positions, and have sex more frequently.

Myth #5: Women do not watch porn. Think again. While many not might admit it, women watch plenty of porn. During recent research, 85% of women admitted to having watched porn. So it seems that women watch it just as much as men.

Myth #6: You will not get pregnant if you have sex in a pool or hot tub. Studies have proven that being in a hot tub for more than 30 minutes can lower sperm count; however, there is nothing in water of any temperature or chemical nature that will kill off sperm. Once a sperm enters the vagina, its goal is to find an egg to fertilize, nothing will stop it.

Myth #7: Old people do not have sex. Although disease, death of a spouse, side effects of medication among other causes can become a hindrance, age does not stop sex. Sexuality is a forever-long aspect of the human condition that is not determined by age, physical appearance, health, or functional ability. In fact, the majority of people stay sexually active well into old age. On top of that, regular sex in the elderly can actually help mentally and physically.

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