7 Simple Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

So you’ve fallen head-over-heels for a man, now what? The below simple steps will help make him fall even deeper than you.

Simple Step #1: Always Smile
Flashing a genuine smile as often as possible makes you look approachable. Whether this award-winning smile of yours is aimed at your guy or a moment in time, smiling will help to make you happier which in turn will make your guy want to spend more time with you.
Tip: When making eye contact with your love, slowly smile allowing it spread all over your face. Once he notices, casually look down. This will make you irresistible.

Simple Step #2: Show the Best You
Changing for anyone, let alone a man is a recipe for disaster. We all have amazing personality traits so why not highlight those? Not only will this boast your confidence but it will make you that much more appealing to your man.
Tip: Simply make the effort to look good. Keep your hair clean and styled, find a signature scent, always have fresh breath, wear lipstick, and make sure your wardrobe is clean and tailored.

Simple Step #3: Be Mysterious
In order to appear mysterious and irresistible, you want to leave you man wondering about you.
Tip: If he asks about your story, only tell him a few details then smile and say “the rest I will save for another time”. Also, wait for him to contact you. When he does, make sure not to respond right away. Not only will he be thinking about you the entire time but he will also be impressed that you have other things to do than dote on him all day.

Simple Step #4: Always Leave Him Wanting More
Leaving your man wanting more is always a good idea. If you end the conversation before it gets stale and boring, he will immediately look forward to the next time you two talk.
Tip: Whether it’s texting, emailing, or a face-to-face conversation stop the conversation before silence occurs. Also, make sure to not obsessively contact him. If you make yourself too available, you will appear too pushy.

Simple Step #5: Subtly Flirt
Dropping subtle, flirtatious hints will help him to gain confidence in the relationship that you two are developing.

Tip: Get caught looking at him from across the room, keep your body language open by angling your body towards him, and when the opportunity arises tease him. Also, allow yourself to nervously twirl your hair or bite your lip as that will show him that you are attracted to him.

Simple Step #6: Be Considerate Towards Him
Show that you notice what he is doing and offer to help before he asks. By keeping the gesture small, your generosity will be more than valued.
Tip: Whether he is in the midst of a boring project or sick, showing him you care by spending time with him will indicate that you are supportive and nurturing.

Simple Step #7: Be the Positive Force In His Life
Be a positive person in his presence by aiming to be positive no matter the situation or conversation. It’s a lot easier to fall in love with someone who is positive versus someone who is always complaining.
Tip: While some negativity and complaining is okay, try to keep your life positive so he remembers your time together as warm and fuzzy.

While it is impossible to “make” anyone feel a certain way, showing your positivity and caring nature will encourage and nudge his feelings in the right direction.

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