7 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Foodie

While I myself am not a huge fan of food, most of my friends and dates have been self-proclaimed foodies. This term doesn’t just mean taking pictures of food and posting it to social media. Foodies are addicted to food, and it is through my relationships with foodies where I have learned just how far they will go for food.

Food is everything
Their addiction to food goes beyond anything that you can image. Food is the first and last priority of the day. And, there is no line drawn to find the “perfect” food item. Be prepared to travel great distances for just the right strawberries.

“Savor the flavor”
Foodies are experts when it comes to food pairings. If they suggest eating fish with rice or mixing two sauces together, go with it. Chances are their suggestion will open your eyes to a more flavorful dish.

Foodies also tend to savor flavors by slowly tasting their food. While this may sound silly, it actually will help you to appreciate food more which in turn can benefit your relationship.

Online Reviews
Whether it’s Yelp or Google, immediately after trying a new restaurant or dish, your foodie will become overly excited about writing a review for as a foodie, they feel a responsibility to inform other foodies of their new found discovery.

Plan your time around eating
Dates and traveling will revolve around food. Chances are they have made a bucket list of must-try dishes and restaurants. Indulge them, look at the list and pick out a few of those restaurants that you want to try.

Favorite servers
Foodies become best friends with servers at their favorite restaurants. Not only do they both get to bond over food but getting to know a server can lead to discounts and/or secret dishes. Also, having a favorite server means only going to that restaurant when that server is working.

Cooking nights
Not only does your foodie like to dine out but they will mostly likely be very handy in the kitchen. While you get to try delicious recipes, foodies will be “lost” in the kitchen for hours. When they do get in the cooking mood, I suggest joining them in the kitchen to spend time with them.

Always know the location of a grocery store
You never know when you might need something. Foodies not only know where the closest grocery store is but they will also know the hours. Be prepared to make last minute grocery store runs.

Dating a foodie is always an adventure. By embracing their crazy-like addiction, you will definitely never be hungry for love again.

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