7 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruin Chances of a Relationship

No one is perfect. In fact, dating would not be quite as much fun if everyone were. However, there are ways that can ruin the dating experience. The below tips are ugly mistakes that women should not do when dating.

Being Too Available

Initiating most of the contact and instantly responding to any correspondence from him are all signs that say you are too available. Men look for confident and independent women who are wanted by others. While you might be anxious or want to show interest in your guy, being too available will come across as desperation.


Every man wants an independent woman right?! However, if you are too “in-to” yourself, men will be turned off. It is important to spend time talking about your date and his experiences and interests as well as sharing yours.

Constantly Being On Your Phone

You are on a date to get to know your potential Mr. Right and vice versa. Constantly being on your phone is rude as a man does not want to date your phone, he wants to get to know you. Make sure that your phone is not only in your bag for the entire date but also make sure that it’s on silent.

Never Paying

Times are changing and offering to pay on the first date is becoming a requirement. While a handful of men will insist on paying, many will be discouraged if you do not offer to at least split the bill.

Drinking Too Much

While having a drink or two on a date is perfectly fine, drinking in excess or even getting drunk on a date will have him running for his life. Not only does this show that you are not ready for a serious relationship but oftentimes drinking too much leads to potentially saying something you might regret.

Trying to Change Him

Betting your love life on a guy’s potential is a recipe for disaster. Dating someone just because he is attractive or has money while trying to change him into becoming your perfect guy will turn any relationship into one filled with anger and resentment.

Instant Relationship

Men are completely turned off by women who turn first dates into the instant you’re-the-one-let’s-get-married. There is no better feeling than having a wonderful first date but ladies, keep the “I love you” thoughts to yourself for the first few months. Getting serious and expressing those feelings too soon will make your man run.

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