9 Dates Everyone From San Francisco Goes On

People in San Francisco are real romantics; they know how to turn a date into a perfect date. However, with so many great places to go on a date in the city, it’s hard to go wrong with your dating plan. The section below talks about nine dates everyone in San Francisco shoes go on.

1. A ride on Magic Bus SF

Magic Bus will take you on a 90 minute psychedelic sightseeing trip of San Francisco. During this exciting multimedia tour, you will get to witness with the much talked about hippie culture and many such other facades of the 1960s. The trip will give both you and your partner lots of memories to cherish.

2. Take her to the Ocean Beach

If your partner is an outdoor enthusiast, she will definitely love this place. Ocean Beach is located near the Golden State Park; the time you’ll spend here will be exciting and fun-filled. Take part in activities such as flying a kite, hiking, and biking; and then spend some relaxing hours together over a glass of your favorite cocktail.

3. Go to Fisherman’s Wharf for a breakfast date

Fisherman’s Wharf remains extremely crowded almost all through the day; however, if you can manage to visit the place before 9 a.m., it will surely offer you the solace you and your partner yearn for.

Have a hearty breakfast, check the sea lions out and as the day progresses go to the Pier 39 for some shopping. To make the date a little more exciting, you can also take a cable car ride from Fisherman’s Wharf to Union Square.

4. A bike ride through the Bay Area

If it’s a fall date, go for a bike ride to the SF Bay Area. Everything you will experience will have a touch of romance; let it be the colors, the breeze or the leafy smells.

5. Go for a special movie date

Instead of going for a regular movie date, head to Castro Theater, a celebrated movie palace and one of the most popular historic landmarks in San Francisco. Other than hosting repertory movies and film festivals, it also stages a range of special events.

6. Spend a few hours in Forbes Island

It just can’t get more romantic than this; visit Forbes Island with your beloved and you will surely have some great post date memories.

Ask your wife or girl friend to bring a jacket with her as the breeze is often pretty cold here. If you forget to remind her, don’t worry; offering your jacket or coat is an old, but really sweet way of making women feel loved.

7. Plan a hot air balloon ride

Witness sunset in San Francisco from a hot air balloon; your beloved will surely be impressed with your adventurous choice. This is a perfect dating idea for celebrating special occasions. End the outing with a great meal and a Champagne toast.

8. A trip to Crissy Field

Crissy Field will offer you various opportunities to turn a normal outing into a romantic date. The place, which once used to be a US Army airfield, has now been incorporated into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

At Crissy Field, you can fly a kite, have a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe, or just spend some quiet hours with your partner watching the gently crashing waves and the breathtaking coastal scenery.

9. Go for a stairway walk

This might appear to be a very simplistic dating idea, but when you are in San Francisco stairway walk is surely a must-try dating option. The city is home to a number of unique and elegant stairways; many of these stairways are located remotely and as a result have pretty romantic backdrops. Two SF stairways that make great dating spots are Lyon Street Step, and 16th Avenue Tile Steps.

These were just nine dates people in San Francisco should never miss going on. What’s great about them is that you will not need to spend thousands of dollars for any of these dates, but still you will get to spend some memorable and passionate time with your partner.

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